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Police Quiz Ex-Tenants of Fritzl House

Former lodger recalls missing food, high utility bills

(Newser) - A former tenant who lived just above the basement where Josef Fritzl imprisoned his daughter recalled wondering why his electricity bills were so high and why food disappeared from his kitchen, AFP reports. Police are tracking down the 100 or so lodgers who lived at the Fritzl house in the... More »

Feds Probe SC Highway Cops for Bias

Dash videos reveal racial slurs, cars ramming suspects

(Newser) - Dash-cam videos that show the South Carolina Highway Patrol ramming black suspects with patrol cars and using racial slurs have triggered a federal probe, the State reports. In one of the five incidents, a trooper sent a suspect flying with his cruiser and then told a fellow officer, "Yeah,... More »

GM Puts Brakes on Stolen Cars

New technology for halting stolen cars

(Newser) - GM's OnStar service could soon reduce dangerous police pursuits, AP reports, by allowing police who spot stolen cars to ask operators to send a signal that slows the car to a halt. "This technology will basically remove the control of the horsepower from the thief," said OnStar's president.... More »

3 Stories