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Target Dabbling With Its Own Netflix Competitor

Employees currently testing streaming service

(Newser) - When you think "streaming video," Target is probably not the first name you think of—or the fiftieth. But the retail giant is hoping to change all that; it's currently beta testing a Netflix-esque service that, the Target Ticket site proclaims, provides "instant access to 15,... More »

Skip the Ties and Tools: Dads Want Gadgets

High-tech is the way to make dad feel like a million on his special day

(Newser) - Lose the power tools and the landscaping implements this Father's Day, ABC News suggests. The kind of cutting edge Dad really wants can't be found at the hardware store. Among them:
  • For dads who want media at their fingertips, the enV2 by LG hosts music and video via V CAST
... More »

Vudu to Match DVD HD Releases

Service will offer HD downloads same day DVDs hit stores

(Newser) - The Bourne Ultimatum, the Matt Damon action movie, will be available online Tuesday - the same day as the DVD reaches video stores. AP reports it's the first of many high-definition movies to be released by Vudu, the on-demand video service. Vudu, which sells its set-top box for $399, will... More »

Netflix in Heated Race for Online Movies

Company offers 5% of flicks online, and stays relevant by picking up indie fare

(Newser) - They beat Blockbuster, but can Netflix outpace rivals in the race to show downloaded movies on TV? "It's like a three-act play, and we're in the opening minutes of the second act," said Netflix exec Steve Swasey. Act two is where startups like Vudu take on giants like... More »

The Voodoo is Weak for Vudu Movie Box

Downloadable video gadget falls short on selection, price, bandwidth, the Wall Street Journal says

(Newser) - Downloading movies to your TV might seem convenient in theory, but in practice the Vudu is bad magic, the Wall Street Journal says. Sure, its setup and interface are easy, and the picture quality’s good. But sparse selection, high prices and slow downloads sink the device. Vudu’s 5,... More »

5 Stories