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Girl Creates PowerPoint Presentation to Win Over Boy

'Boobs exhibit steady growth over time'

(Newser) - If there's one thing young men find irresistible, it's a professional presentation. At least that's what 19-year-old Lizzy Fenton appeared to be banking on when she emailed her crush a PowerPoint slideshow titled "Why You Should Date Me" last month. "I wanted to win Carter... More »

No Charges for 10 Players in Gophers Sexual Assault Case

University of Minnesota football players received suspensions

(Newser) - Ten suspended Minnesota football players will not face charges in connection with an alleged sexual assault near campus , prosecutors announced Friday after taking a second look at the case. It's the second time the Hennepin County attorney's office has weighed in on the September incident that triggered suspensions,... More »

Football Team Ends Protest of Suspensions for Sexual Assault

University of Minn. was boycotting football after 10 players suspended

(Newser) - The University of Minnesota football team has ended its boycott of all football activities—meaning the team will compete in the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27. NBC News reports the team announced the boycott Thursday after 10 players were suspended for an alleged sexual assault. Players were upset they weren'... More »

Scalia: Wouldn't Surprise Me If Death Penalty Struck Down

Justice also talks retirement plans, how the Constitution isn't flexible

(Newser) - The death penalty is not long for this Earth, or at least for the US, if Antonin Scalia's predictions are to be believed. The conservative Supreme Court justice spoke Tuesday at the University of Minnesota Law School, and capital punishment was brought up after Scalia started expounding on his... More »

Police: Missing Student Entered Mississippi River

Jen Houle was spotted on video

(Newser) - A sad development in the case of a missing University of Minnesota student last seen around 1am Friday at the Blarney Pub & Grill: CBS Minnesota reports that police last night secured video footage that apparently shows Jen Houle entering the Mississippi River via a bridge located a few blocks... More »

Feds: Hospital Scammer Sold Patients' Prostheses

Health worker replaced working artificial limbs, sold them online: probe

(Newser) - Seeing this health worker could literally cost you an arm and a leg. A hospital official may have tricked his patients into replacing quality prostheses so he could trade the originals for cash on eBay, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The FBI is looking into whether the head of prosthetic... More »

Cornell Bounces Temple

Ivy League records first win since 1998; Xavier eliminates Minnesota

(Newser) - Louis Dale scored 21 points, Ryan Wittman added 20, and No. 12 seed Cornell sent fifth-seeded Temple home with a 78-65 today in Jacksonville in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. With its first win in five trips to the tournament, the Big Red (28-4) recorded the Ivy League's... More »

Niche Colleges, Priced Right

(Newser) - Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to college. Mother Jones runs down 10 schools that “may not bother to juke their stats to make US News' short lists, but they still have plenty to offer—and for a lot less dough.”
  • Berea College, Kentucky: The price
... More »

Have an Itch? It's All In Your Spine

Urge to scratch comes from back not brain, researchers find

(Newser) - Scratching an itch may be an everyday activity, but it’s also a longstanding conundrum to scientists who have never been sure if the urge originated in the skin or the brain. Until now. A new study from University of Minnesota neuroscientists appears to show that both the itch, and... More »

Scientists Grow Blood From Stem Cells

Major breakthrough in controversial field

(Newser) - Scientists have manufactured human blood in a laboratory using embryonic stem cells, reports the Los Angeles Times. The project represents a major technical breakthrough in the controversial area of stem cell research. Researchers made significant quantities of several blood types, but still have a number of hurdles ahead before producing... More »

For Healthier Teens, Keep the TV in the Den

Older adolescents who watch in their bedrooms pick up bad habits with the remote

(Newser) - Older teens feeling too fit, well nourished, and smart can turn all that around with one simple move: install a TV in the bedroom. Kids 15 to 18 with a boob tube in the boudoir were twice as likely to watch 5 or more hours a day than those who... More »

Bedbugs' Itch Breeding New Ways to Scratch

Freeze 'em, bake 'em, call in the dogs—pests can't bite if they're dead

(Newser) - No one’s sure why bedbugs are back, but US companies think they know how to kill them, the Wall Street Journal reports. Startups are using everything from dogs to cold blasts to hair-dryer-like devices to sniff out, freeze or bake the pests. “We don’t have an easy... More »

Stingy Badgers Still Tied for Lead in Big Ten

Wisconsin wins for 12th time in 13 games vs. Minnesota

(Newser) - Minnesota might be improving under new coach Tubby Smith, but today proved it still has a ways to go as Wisconsin used the nation's second-best scoring defense to stifle the Gophers 63-47 in Minneapolis. Trevon Hughes scored 20 points to lead the Badgers, who remained tied for first place in... More »

Michigan State Wins as Neitzel Busts Slump

No. 11 Spartans' star has big second half vs. Tubby Smith's crew

(Newser) - Minnesota hoped to make a move in the Big 10 with consecutive home games against Indiana and Michigan State. That didn't quite work out as the Gophers dropped both, including today, 78-73, to the Spartans, writes AP. Drew Neitzel broke out of a shooting slump and lived up to his... More »

Scientists Rebuild Heart With Stem Cells

Advance could save heart disease patients, regrow other organs

(Newser) - Scientists rebuilt rat and pig hearts using stem cells taken from the recipients themselves, the Telegraph reports—a medical breakthrough that could help the 22 million people who suffer from heart failure worldwide. The technique, called whole organ decellularization, produced the world’s first functioning “bioartificial” heart within eight... More »

US Faces Tooth Decay Crisis

Millions of uninsured leave cavities untreated

(Newser) - American dentists are getting richer—but teeth are getting worse. A half century of  improvement in dental health is being thrown into reverse because 100 million Americans have no dental insurance and can't afford care, reports the New York Times. It's far more than a cosmetic issue. Two children died... More »

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