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Clinton: Trump 'Did Choke' on 'Unfortunate' Mexico Visit

Candidate gives wide-ranging interview to ABC

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton sat down with running mate Tim Kaine and ABC News for a fairly extensive interview, and the former secretary of state wasted little time in disparaging Donald Trump's lone foray into foreign relations, saying that her rival's brief trip to Mexico was "unfortunate. He came... More »

Trump Under Fire for '2nd Amendment' Remark

'Give me a break,' he says

(Newser) - Donald Trump's campaign is once again on damage control, this time over remarks that critics say hinted at Hillary Clinton's assassination . His comment that "Second Amendment people" could "maybe" do something about Clinton picking Supreme Court justices if she wins was widely condemned Tuesday, though he... More »

The Owner of 'ClintonKaine.com' Bought It Back in 2011

And he'd like $90K for it now, please

(Newser) - Jeremy Green apparently has good foresight: The 28-year-old DC-area man purchased the domain name ClintonKaine.com back in 2011 (price: $8). Five years later, with Hillary Clinton having chosen Tim Kaine as her runningmate in her bid for the White House, Green would like to sell it (price: $90,000).... More »

Kaine 'Humbly' Accepts Nomination, Zings Trump

'Trump has a passion. It's himself'

(Newser) - Tim Kaine introduced himself to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, telling the crowd he "humbly" accepted the VP nomination and giving his life story before launching some fierce attacks on Donald Trump. There were big cheers whenever the former Virginia governor switched to speaking Spanish, the Guardian... More »

DNC Day 3: America Meets Tim Kaine

Obama, Biden will also speak in Philadelphia

(Newser) - President Obama and VP Joe Biden will attempt to top Bill Clinton's " prosaic love letter " to Hillary Clinton on the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. Other big names scheduled to speak, per the Los Angeles Times , include Harry Reid, Gabby Giffords, Jesse Jackson,... More »

Democrats Are Deeply Split on Clinton's VP Pick

Trump has labeled him 'Corrupt Kaine'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has joined Donald Trump in selecting a white man from a swing state who describes himself as "boring" for a running mate—and liberal Democrats, especially Bernie Sanders supporters, aren't exactly fired up about Sen. Tim Kaine . Clinton, however, describes the former Virginia governor as "... More »

Clinton Picks Tim Kaine

No surprise ahead of Democratic convention

(Newser) - It's Tim Kaine. Hillary Clinton says in a text message to supporters that she's picked the Virginia senator to join her on the Democratic ticket as her running mate, reports AP . In the message, Clinton says: "I'm thrilled to tell you this first: I've chosen... More »

These Are Likely Clinton's Top 2 VP Choices

Will it be Tom or Tim?

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is narrowing the field of possible running mates, with Democrats predicting she'll reveal her pick as soon as Friday. The front-runners? Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, report CNN and the Washington Post . Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, retired four-star Navy Adm. James Stavridis,... More »

Dems, GOP Duke It Out Over Sequester

Everybody hates it, but no solid ideas how to avoid it

(Newser) - With five days to go before a little thing called the sequester kicks in, there are a lot of fingers being pointed at and from both sides of the aisle. A look around the Sunday talk show dial, as per Politico :
  • Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine : "We laid a plan
... More »

Democrats Keep Senate: Warren, McCaskill Win

Tim Kaine, too; Democrats coast as Mourdock, Akin, McMahon lose

(Newser) - Democrats had a banner night in the Senate, starting with Elizabeth Warren knocking off GOP incumbent Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Tim Kaine beat George Allen in Virginia, and Chris Murphy did the same to Linda McMahon for Connecticut's open seat—despite her huge personal influx of cash . It... More »

Clutch Senate Races to Watch Tomorrow

From Maine to Montana, here are the ones that could come down to the wire

(Newser) - The presidential race isn't the only one that will be decided tomorrow. Nearly as important is the fierce battle for control of the Senate. When the campaign season began, a GOP takeover there seemed assured, but now Democrats appear favored to remain in control, Real Clear Politics reports. Here... More »

Va. Senate Candidate: Hank the Cat

Feline is facing off against Tim Kaine, George Allen for Jim Webb's seat

(Newser) - Virginians have a couple of predictable picks in the race to succeed retiring Sen. Jim Webb: Democrat Tim Kaine, a former governor, or Republican George Allen, also a, uh, former governor. But for those yearning in their souls to vote for a non-former governor, meet Hank. The Springfield native is... More »

Republicans Are Cannibals? It's Offensive to Cannibals

Dana Milbank: The Donner Party had more tact

(Newser) - Dana Milbank thinks DNC chief Tim Kaine should apologize for likening the GOP and the Tea Party to the Donner Party. "Comparing Republicans to cannibals is deeply offensive," he writes in the Washington Post . "To the cannibals." For one thing, the Donners (and Milbank says he's... More »

Plouffe: Dems Can Hang On

Kaine slams skittish Dems for being 'foolish'

(Newser) - With their party in a full-blown November panic, two top Democrats went on the offensive today, with David Plouffe telling Meet the Press that Dems "can maintain control in both chambers if we make this a choice between" his party's candidates and a "crave and crass" GOP. Plouffe... More »

Dems' November Platform: GOP=Tea Party

They think linking Republicans and movement will hurt both

(Newser) - Has the Tea Party movement become a liability for Republicans? Democrats sure think so. Even as Republicans rush to establish their Tea Party bona fides, the DNC plans to launch a campaign linking the party to the movement, sources tell the AP . The goal is to paint the GOP as... More »

GOP Gov: Media Giving Obama 'Longest Wet Kiss in Political History'

Plus, Lindsey Graham would like Obama to move on immigration, please

(Newser) - Health reform resulted in "the longest wet kiss in political history given to the Obama administration by the liberal media elite," Haley Barbour told This Week, "and every day that goes by, it gets sloppier." "I don't know what channels Haley watches, but that's a... More »

Va. Governor Removes Gays From Discrimination Policy

GOP's McDonnell excises protection for state workers

(Newser) - Gay state workers in Virginia are no longer protected from discrimination after new Republican governor Bob McDonnell excised sexual orientation from the state’s policy. McDonnell’s predecessor, Democrat Tim Kaine, added protection for homosexuals and veterans days after he took office in 2006, Talking Points Memo notes; McDonnell aides... More »

RNC's Steele to Reid: Step Down

Romer on Wall Street bonuses: 'For heaven's sake, people'

(Newser) - Harry Reid has put his foot squarely in his mouth with quotes about President Obama's lack of "Negro dialect," and Michael Steele would like him to take it out long enough to say, "I quit." "Remember this is a leader who only a few weeks... More »

'Barry From DC' Calls Radio Show

Obama congratulates Va. Gov. Time Kaine in sendoff show

(Newser) - Tim Kaine got a big surprise in his final radio show today, when he got a call from “Barry in DC,” who was no sooner on the air than he revealed, “Well, uh, governor, this is, uh, actually the president of the United States calling.” Obama... More »

Va. Gov Denies Clemency to DC Sniper

Muhammad will be executed tonight in Virginia

(Newser) - Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has denied clemency for Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad, clearing the way for Muhammad's execution at 9pm tonight. Muhammad, whose appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court yesterday, will die by lethal injection, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . His 2002 shooting spree with younger accomplice Lee Boyd... More »

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