Knute Rockne

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Best Sports Movie Pep Talks

When you're down, these clips can get you going

(Newser) - World got you down? Let one of these coaches buck you up: AskMen picks the best sports movie inspirational talks. The top five:
  1. Kurt Russell, Miracle: “If we played ‘em 10 times, they might win nine. But not this game.”
  2. Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday: “You
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ESPN Crew Films as Gipper Unearthed

Legendary Notre Dame athlete exhumed for DNA testing

(Newser) - Former Notre Dame football player George Gipp was exhumed recently to undergo DNA testing for an upcoming book on the legend’s life. Gipp, an All American, inspired the phrase “win one for the Gipper” after muttering it to coach Knute Rockne on his deathbed. ESPN was on hand... More »

2 Stories