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Local News Choppers Are Unnecessary, Reckless

It's time for people to stop dying in them, Matt Zoller Seitz argues

(Newser) - When a Seattle news helicopter crashed near the Space Needle yesterday, killing two people, it made headlines. But by local news standards it was a "mundane tragedy, part of the cost of doing business," writes Matt Zoller Seitz at New York . At least 18 people have been killed... More »

Man Fakes Mother's Obit to Take Time Off: Cops

She reads her own obituary in Pennsylvania newspaper

(Newser) - Imagine a mother's surprise when she read her obituary in the local news—and learned her own son had written it. But police in northern Pennsylvania say 45-year-old Scott Bennett ran his mother's obituary in the newspaper so he could take bereavement time off from work. Brookville police... More »

Say Goodbye to NBC as We Know It

It's probably going be more like a cable network

(Newser) - Monday was a milestone for NBC’s misbegotten Leno experiment: only 4.6 million tuned in, the worst Monday of the year, writes Matthew Greenberg. This is getting so bad it may signal the beginning of the end of NBC as we know it. The network’s rationale for putting... More »

Anthony May Watch Caylee's Funeral on TV

Jail hasn't decided; TV limits keep her sheltered from media

(Newser) - Casey Anthony has been barred from her daughter's funeral, but she may still get to watch it on TV, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Jail officials haven't decided yet if she can watch Caylee's public service, bound to be telecast on the cable and local stations so inundated with news about... More »

Web Copyright Lawsuit Could Cripple the Freedom to Link

Community outlet says big papers siphon off page views with mere snippets of info

(Newser) - A local newspaper chain is suing the New York Times Company for pilfering its online content, and the case could dramatically change how news sites link, Danny Sanchez writes on Journalistopia. GateHouse Media says readers can glean enough information from the snippets linked by the Boston Globe and therefore don’... More »

Cash-Poor Newspapers Decamp From Washington

Cost of covering DC wins out over concerns about informing the public

(Newser) - US newspapers are shuttering their Washington bureaus—though hardly for lack of news, the New York Times reports. Consolidation and a steep fall-off in ad dollars have forced many to reevaluate their coverage in recent years, leading to a focus on local news and a reliance on agencies for coverage... More »

Who's That Guy on the Local News?

TV stations replace veteran anchors with cheaper rookies

(Newser) - Across the country, star local news anchors are signing off for good, the New York Times reports, as local network affiliates look for ways to cut costs, and find big anchor salaries tempting targets. Newscasters with more than 20 years behind the desk have been dropped in Chicago, Houston, Denver,... More »

Stay Tuned to WN-Bleep-C

Local anchor drops F-bomb into live mike

(Newser) - A longtime local anchor in New York got her viewers' undivided attention during a promo last night when she said the F-word live, the New York Daily News reports. After the wrong video played as she teased the upcoming news during Medium, 28-year WNBC veteran Sue Simmons said, "What... More »

Anchors Squirm in HDTV's Glare

Why Anderson, is that a fatty deposit beneath your left eye?

(Newser) - As HD takes hold, TV personalities face a new challenge: namely, hiding that zit in magnified resolution. Makeup techniques that traditionally hid flaws have become as obvious as the blemishes themselves, the Baltimore Sun reports. And, er, seasoned anchors worry the improvements could shift focus from content to complexion, forcing... More »

Local TV Pushes Fake Medical News

Hospital-produced promos are passed off as news reports by local stations

(Newser) - TV stations across America broadcast fake medical news stories that are really ads produced by providers to tout their new techniques and procedures, according to an investigation by the Columbia Journalism Review. “I kick, scream, and fight, and make them as journalistically ethical as possible," says one reporter.... More »

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