Breakthrough Awards

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Teen Explains Relativity With Popcorn, Nabs $400K

Meet the winner of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge

(Newser) - To most people who aren't physicists, Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is probably just a vague concept that somehow explains why Matthew McConaughey doesn't age in Interstellar . But to 18-year-old Ryan Chester, it's easy to explain—which is exactly what he's done in a... More »

2007 Breakthrough Awards

(Newser) - Popular Mechanic's third annual Breakthrough Awards honors the boldest inventors and best cutting-edge products.  Introducing the people changing the present to make it look more like the future we always wanted:
  1. Amory Lovins: Lovin's "think and do" tank, the Rocky Mountain Institute looks for cost-cutting and energy-saving alternatives.
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2 Stories