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Bloggers Like Google's Speedy Web Plan

If nothing else, it could ramp up pressure on big ISP's

(Newser) - Google's plan to test ultra-fast Internet speeds via fiber optic networks is going over well with tech bloggers:
  • Mark Sullivan, PC World : "Google hopes that the new model will fire up the business of being a small, local ISP. That can only be good. ... Google has a rare opportunity
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Google Will Test Hyper-Fast Internet in Some Markets

Speeds of 1 gig per second are 100 times what consumers normally get

(Newser) - Google plans to offer select cities broadband Internet access at 1 gigabit per second—100 times faster than usual consumer access—to demonstrate what ultra-high speed connections can do. The service will be available to between 50,000 and 500,000 people through a variety of providers at a “... More »

FCC Eyes Hiking Phone Bills to Expand Internet Access

Feds want to open networks, but would tax your phone bill to do it

(Newser) - Al Gore may think he created the Internet, but it's the FCC that's looking to make it available to all Americans—and it's considering taxing your phone bill to pay for it. Federal regulators will outline their case today for stepping up government control of Internet and phone services, the... More »

AT&T Adds Speed to US Network

Keeping up with 21st century consumers' broadband greed

(Newser) - AT&T has begun using a high-speed backbone network to move data faster across the US, the company said Monday. The network's capacity is 40 gigabits per second -- quadruple the previous capacity -- allowing users to more quickly access bandwidth-greedy files and videos. It is the first such network... More »

Internet2 Gets 10X Boost

Alarmingly fast network speed gets much quicker - but you can't use it yet

(Newser) - A parallel network to the commercial Internet has made another giant leap, increasing its already incredibly fast speed tenfold to 100 gigabits per second. That means Internet2—used by researchers, universities and some corporations—will be able to download a movie in a few seconds; the current 10 gig connections... More »

5 Stories