Orion Nebula

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Oxygen Molecules Detected in Deep Space for 1st Time

Elusive molecule spotted in Orion nebula

(Newser) - Breathe easier, budding astronauts, it turns out there are oxygen molecules in space. In fact, there are some just 1,500 light-years away, in a star-forming region of the Orion nebula, reports Live Science . Researchers think the oxygen comes from water molecules that coat tiny grains of space dust; when... More »

Orion Nebula Closer to Us

Famous stellar nursery 300 light-years nearer to Earth than thought

(Newser) - The famed Orion Nebula is the closest stellar nursery to Earth, and it's even nearer than scientists previously thought, a study finds. Researchers had pinned it at about 1,565 light years away 25 years ago, but using multiple telescope shots to create a "virtual telescope" as wide as... More »

2 Stories