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Analysts: Sorry, but We May Have a Global Crisis This Year

Eurasia Group lays out a bunch of ways it might happen

(Newser) - Given that "the global order is unraveling" in "a world without leadership," Eurasia Group has some sorry news: "If we had to pick one year for a big unexpected crisis—the geopolitical equivalent of the 2008 financial meltdown—it feels like 2018." What kind of... More »

Candy Makers Fight Sugar-Protection Bill

Bitter battle over sweets pits agriculture against sweets manufacturers

(Newser) - It's sugar versus sugar on Capitol Hill, as growers are facing off against candy makers over the United States' longstanding import restrictions that keep sugar prices high, reports the Los Angeles Times . Both sides are spending millions of dollars lobbying over the latest farm bill now before Congress—the... More »

House Votes to Sanction China Over Currency

Bill passes with big majority, but Senate prospects unclear

(Newser) - The House has approved legislation that would allow the US to seek trade sanctions against China and other nations for manipulating their currency to gain trade advantages. The 348-79 vote yesterday sends the measure to the Senate, where its prospects are unclear. Senate supporters hope to get a vote on... More »

Small-Biz Owners Offer Obama Brilliant Ideas

Jarrett was looking for ideas on jobs, found whole bunch of crazy

(Newser) - Valerie Jarrett might be questioning the wisdom of "ask and you shall receive" after the Obama adviser asked small businesses on LinkedIn what steps they think "government should take to help American businesses spur job creation." What she got, the Business Insider reports, is "a long... More »

Obama Can Expect No Love From Beijing in 2010

The 'world's most important relationship' is dysfunctional

(Newser) - China's brimming with confidence and that means a rocky year ahead for the world's most important relationship, writes Roger Cohen. US-China relations are likely to take a turn for the worse this year as Beijing, buoyed by its ever-expanding economy and $2 trillion in foreign reserves, rejects President Obama's overtures... More »

Obama Set to Bankrupt US, Appease Foes

Wrongheaded policies to be on display at UN, G20 meetings

(Newser) - President Obama's agenda can be summed up as "beggar thy neighbor, bankrupt thy country, and appease thy foe," as can be seen in his plans for summit meetings this week, Bret Stephens writes in the Wall Street Journal. The president chairs a UN Security Council meeting on... More »

China Accuses US of Dumping Chicken, Auto Parts

Latest targets: chickens and tires

(Newser) - US-China trade tensions escalated yesterday when Beijing announced it was investigating whether the US dumped auto parts and chicken products onto the Chinese market, the LA Times reports. An expert calls the retaliatory move, which comes days after the White House slapped a 35% import tariff on Chinese tires, "... More »

Obama Slaps Stiff Tariff on Chinese Tires

China threatens retaliation after president moves to protect US tire industry

(Newser) - President Obama has imposed tough new tariffs on the import of Chinese-made tires, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 35% import tariff comes in response to industry complaints that Chinese-made tires are flooding the US, jeopardizing thousands of jobs. China attacked the decision, saying it violated trade rules, and threatened... More »

'Three Amigos' Summit May Not Be So Amicable

Canada, Mexico both angry about Obama protectionism

(Newser) - President Obama is headed to Guadalajara today for his first "Three Amigos" summit with the leaders of Canada and Mexico, but the meeting may be less than completely friendly. Trade and drug trafficking will dominate the agenda, and the leaders have some grievances they plan to press, reports Reuters.... More »

Only Trade Can Rescue World Economy: Brown

'A banking crisis has become a trade crisis,' writes British PM

(Newser) - The banking crisis has stabilized, according to Gordon Brown, but a new calamity has replaced it: "a trade crisis" that is killing jobs in industrialized nations and exacerbating poverty in developing ones. Globalization has compounded the downturn, but it can also accelerate the pickup, the British PM writes in... More »

G20 Unveils $1T Plan to Boost Global Economy

(Newser) - The G20 leaders have agreed to a plan to pump $1 trillion into the world economy, British PM Gordon Brown announced today; the agreement will also tighten global financial regulation and crack down on secret tax havens. The plan calls for:
  • The money available to the International Monetary Fund to
... More »

Free Trade Under Fire as Protectionism Surges

November's G-20 agreement is abandoned as nations erect commerce barriers

(Newser) - The global recession has protectionism making a comeback, the New York Times reports, dimming hopes that leaders can create lasting solutions to the crisis at April’s Group of 20 economic summit in London. The last G-20 meeting, held in November, yielded an agreement to promote free trade that was... More »

Foreign Tech Firms Look to Cash In on Stimulus

(Newser) - A gaggle of foreign businesses are quietly clamoring for a piece of the $787 billion US stimulus package, the Washington Post reports. The bill sets aside billions for technologies pioneered by European and Asian companies, such as clean energy and high-speed transit. Many of those firms have significant US presences,... More »

Mexico Slaps US With Tariff

(Newser) - Mexico said yesterday it will increase tariffs on about 90 US products in retaliation for last week's decision to end a pilot program that allowed some Mexican trucks to transport goods in the United States. The measure will affect about $2.4 billion in trade involving goods from 40 states.... More »

New White House Tougher on Trading Partners

Trade nominee vows renegotiated pacts, tougher enforcement

(Newser) - The Obama administration is taking a harder line with trading partners, reworking policy to  emphasize priorities from unemployment at home to climate change, the Washington Post reports. The White House will seek to renegotiate trade deals with South Korea and Colombia and will demand broad concessions from other countries at... More »

The Next Economic Victim: Globalization

Plunging exports, protectionism undercut 'golden age'

(Newser) - World trade has quadrupled since 1982, but economic woes are eating away at globalization’s “golden age” as exports fall, foreign workers head home, and governments seek to protect their own, the Washington Post reports. “The collapse of globalization is absolutely possible,” said a US economist. “... More »

Obama, Brown Firm Up 'Special Relationship'

Leaders pledge economic cooperation

(Newser) - Gordon Brown and President Obama met today, as Obama praised the “special relationship” between Britain and the US, the BBC reports. Obama said the ties between the two nations were “important to the American people” and would “only get stronger.” The British prime minister will address... More »

Obama Heads to Canada Amid Trade Concerns

NAFTA issues likely to loom large over visit

(Newser) - Barack Obama makes his first foreign trip as president today to Canada, and his talks there are likely to touch on some thorny trade issues, the New York Times reports. Obama spoke forcefully in favor of reopening NAFTA while a candidate, but intends to focus on strengthening the US-Canada trade... More »

Senate Dilutes 'Buy American' Plan

Amendment calls for stimulus plan to honor existing trade agreements

(Newser) - The Senate has voted to water down the "Buy American" clause in the economic stimulus package amid fears it could trigger a trade war, Reuters reports. The requirement that stimulus-funded projects use American-made iron, steel and manufactured goods now includes the proviso that it only be applied in a... More »

Japan's PM Slams 'Buy American' Provision

World leaders roundly criticize stimulus provision

(Newser) - Japan’s prime minister today slammed the “Buy American” clause in the proposed economic-stimulus bill currently being considered by the US Senate, the Financial Times reports. Speaking in parliament, Taro Aso said that requiring stimulus projects to use US-made materials is “definitely wrong,” and contrary to the... More »

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