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New CoverGirl Is Teen Boy

James Charles, 17, is an 'aspiring makeup artist' and Instagram star

(Newser) - If a woman can be president, who's to say a man can't be a CoverGirl. On Tuesday, the makeup company's current spokesperson, Katy Perry, announced James Charles as the first ever "CoverBoy" on her Instagram page . Charles, a 17-year-old "aspiring makeup artist," started using... More »

Hunger Games Makeup Tie-In Is Seriously Messed Up

Cover Girl's 'Capitol Collection' campaign glorifies the bad guys

(Newser) - CoverGirl's new Hunger Games tie-in marketing campaign is one of the more creative and well-executed you'll ever see. "It is also one of the most disturbing," writes Andrew Slack in the LA Times . The line is called the "Capitol Collection," a reference to the... More »

Rihanna Arms Herself With Gun Tattoo

Singer got it on ribcage, not arms, because of Cover Girl deal: artist

(Newser) - Rihanna, often seen with a gun pendant around her neck, has decided to add a gun to the assemblage of tattoos on her body. This one graces her ribcage, safely out of view for her modeling spots. “I really wanted to put it on her arms,” her artist... More »

Lead Warning Issued for Lipstick

Moms' cosmetics could affect children, expert cautions

(Newser) - More than half of all lipsticks tested in a recent study contained some level of lead, a new report warns. The amounts weren't high enough to cause lead poisoning in healthy adults, but could affect small children, raising concerns for pregnant women and mothers. "There are hazardous levels of... More »

4 Stories