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Obamas Celebrate MLK Day at Soup Kitchen

President proves he is not good at identifying taco meat

(Newser) - Barack Obama is honoring Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy of service by helping a soup kitchen prepare its daily meals. Obama took Michelle, Sasha, and Malia to DC Central Kitchen, which is a few minutes away from the White House by presidential motorcade. They joined an assembly line... More »

'Phony Baloney' Ryan Photo-Op Irks Charity Chief

Campaign 'ramrodded their way' into closed soup kitchen

(Newser) - Paul Ryan and campaign staffers "ramrodded their way" into a soup kitchen for a photo-op long after the patrons had left and staff had cleaned up, complains the chief of an Ohio charity. "We’re a faith-based organization; we are apolitical because the majority of our funding is... More »

Chef Brings Gourmet Food to Homeless

Rising culinary star left posh restaurant for rescue mission

(Newser) - At California’s Bay Area Rescue Mission, the homeless dine on grilled artichokes with garlic sherry vinaigrette or vegetable soup with creme fraiche, thanks to the culinary talents of Tim Hammack. The chef left a renowned French bistro to cook at the rescue mission. “I was cooking for very... More »

10 Tips for Homeless Survival

(Newser) - Millions of Americans had lost their homes long before subprime crisis plunged the nation into economic peril. Recognizing the plight of the homeless, The Nation offers 10 tips for street survival:
  • Try to relieve passersby of their misconceptions without internalizing their cruel remarks. "Let go of your pride—but
... More »

First Lady Pushes Fresh Food

From White House to food banks, Michelle Obama advocates nutrition

(Newser) - When Michelle Obama served lunch to the homeless last week in Washington, she didn't just praise the soup kitchen; she praised the menu. "We can provide this kind of healthy food for communities across the country," the first lady said of the mushroom risotto and apple-carrot muffins at... More »

Pet Soup Kitchens Open in Germany

Group wants to keep unemployed, elderly from having to give up animals

(Newser) - Fearing that recession will force people to give up animals they can no longer afford to feed, a German group has opened pet soup kitchens around the country, AFP reports. A pet welfare association relies on donations from individuals and corporations; the newly unemployed are among those taking advantage, as... More »

Milan's Poor Get Contraband Caviar for Xmas

(Newser) - The poor and homeless in Milan will get a pricey treat this holiday season, the BBC reports. Officials will distribute 88 pounds of beluga caviar seized from smugglers to the city’s shelters and soup kitchens. The sturgeon roe, confiscated in November en route from Poland, is valued at around... More »

Bow WOW! Berlin Opens Soup Kitchen for Dogs

New leash on life for pets of struggling humans

(Newser) - Things are apparently woof all over—so Berliners have now opened a soup kitchen for dogs. Businesses have donated pet food and funds so that hounds belonging to homeless people and the unemployed can chow down. Organizers shrug off criticism that their efforts would be put to better use serving... More »

Still a Believer in Faith-Based Solutions

Bush's former faith czar has hopes set on Dems this time

(Newser) - The Economist catches up with John DiIulio, the Democrat who was Bush's “faith czar” for just 7 months in his first term, to re-examine the viability of what the magazine calls "compassionate centrism." With "faith-based" now unfortunately associated more with political zeal—faith-based wars, faith-based science—... More »

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