Flying Saucer

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Air Force Plans for Flying Saucers Revealed

The National Archives finally releases schematics from 1950s

(Newser) - Maybe flying saucers really do exist—but were made by the US military? For the first time, the National Archives has released schematics of a UFO-like saucer that the US Air Force was designing in the 1950s, Wired reports. The plan—called Project 1794—was to engineer a $3.1... More »

Flying Cars? Yep (and Sooner Than You Think)

Will cost under $100,000

(Newser) - Flying cars aren’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. A small California company called Moller is already producing a run of its M200 Neuera, an ethanol-powered two-seater straight out of the Jetsons, LiveScience reports. The car is expected to land next year, and carry a price tag south of... More »

Military Flying Saucers Coming

(Newser) - They’re not science fiction anymore. Researchers have built a real life flying saucer that looks and flies like a B-movie dream. The unmanned craft takes off vertically, maneuvers well, and can land almost anywhere. Cheaper and safer than a helicopter, the Defense Department thinks the saucer could become a... More »

3 Stories