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China's Most Famous Prisoner Dead at 61

Liu Xiaobo had been diagnosed with cancer, denied opportunity to seek treatment abroad

(Newser) - Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo has died at age 61, the AP reports. Liu, the country's most prominent political prisoner, was first put behind bars in 1989 in connection with the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests. His fourth and last prison sentence, for inciting subversion thanks... More »

Chen: China's Promises 'Just Empty Words'

Dissident recounts abuses he suffered under house arrest

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng says he's being treated well enough at the hospital where he's recuperating , but that he doesn't trust the Chinese government to continue being so kind. In an interview with der Spiegel —which the paper says was plagued by a connection that cut out multiple... More »

Pope Slams 'Radical' Austrian Priests

The Lord doesn't approve of women priests, says Benedict

(Newser) - Pope Benedict has ripped into a dissident group of Austrian priests for questioning some church teachings and advocating for married and female priests. He accused the group—known as the Pfarrer Initiative—of "a desperate push to do something to change the church in accordance with one's own... More »

Israel, Iran Terrorists Are Killing Scientists: Officials

Mossad funding, training People’s Mujahedin of Iran, sources confirm

(Newser) - As Iran has long claimed, Israel is indeed behind the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, providing financing, training, and weapons to the Iranian terrorist group that carries out the attacks, US officials confirm to NBC News . Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed since 2007, reportedly by the People’s... More »

China Jails 2nd Writer for Subversion

Chen Xi was arrested last month after publishing his essays online

(Newser) - China handed yet another dissident yet another long sentence today: Chen Xi was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being charged with "incitement to subvert state power" following the online publication of 36 essays he had written. His wife called the verdict "utterly absurd," explaining that... More »

'Subversive' Chinese Writer Gets 9 Years in Prison

Chen Wei called for free speech, political reform

(Newser) - A Chinese writer has been hit with a nine-year jail sentence for "inciting subversion of state power" after he posted online essays demanding free speech and government reform, reports the BBC . The sentence follows a two-hour, closed-door trial that Chen Wei's wife called "a performance" whose outcome... More »

Supporters Send $840K for Ai Weiwei Tax Bill

But state paper accuses him of 'illegal fundraising'

(Newser) - Ai Weiwei has raised $840,000 toward his $2.4 million tax bill , thanks to nearly 20,000 people who have sent in donations to the Chinese artist and dissident. But Ai—who views the money received as loans, not donations—says he will repay it all, though, the Christian ... More »

Burma Releases 155 Political Prisoners

Prominent activist Zarganar among them

(Newser) - Burma today began releasing the 6,300 prisoners who will be granted amnesty, but so far the number of political detainees released does not come close to the estimated 2,000 who are in jail. The Telegraph puts the number of political prisoners released at 120, while the AP reports... More »

Vietnam Police Rough Up US Envoy

Diplomat attempted to visit pro-democracy dissident

(Newser) - The US has lodged a strong protest against Vietnam's treatment of an American diplomat who attempted to visit a prominent pro-democracy dissident. US officials say embassy political officer Christian Marchant was roughed up and had a car door repeatedly slammed on his legs when he tried to visit Thadeus Nguyen... More »

Egypt Frees Dissident Blogger After 4 Years

Kareem Amer criticized president, conservative Muslims

(Newser) - An Egyptian blogger jailed for criticizing conservative Muslims has been freed after 4 years behind bars. Kareem Amer, a 26-year-old law student and outspoken secularist, was convicted of "spreading information disruptive of public order and damaging to the country's reputation," CNN reports. Amer, who spent much of his... More »

Hey, Obama: Embrace the Dissidents

Obama risks repeating Gerald Ford's big mistake

(Newser) - How can Barack Obama give voice to the voiceless? With a simple photo op, writes William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal . Dissidents under “nasty” governments in China, Iran, Cuba, and elsewhere—thus far dissed by the White House—are wondering: “‘Where is the president of the... More »

Iranian Election Protester Sentenced to Death

Capital sentence is first since June crackdown

(Newser) - An Iranian political dissident has become the first person arrested during June's post-election protests to be sentenced to death. Muhammad-Reza Ali-Zamani is a member of the Kingom Assembly of Iran, which seeks to undo the Islamic revolution and restore the shah to power. News of the sentence, which was handed... More »

Suu Kyi Expects Guilty Verdict Friday

(Newser) - Aung San Suu Kyi learns Friday whether she will be found guilty of violating her house arrest, and the Burmese dissident expects the worst. “I’m afraid the verdict will be painfully obvious," she told diplomats in court today as her trial wrapped up. A conviction—she is... More »

Iran Arrests 70 Profs Who Met With Mousavi

Crackdown intensifies as opposition calls off rally

(Newser) - Iranian authorities arrested 70 university professors yesterday, after they met with Mir Hossein Mousavi, according to a dissident website, as the regime intensified its crackdown on demonstrators. The professors' whereabouts are now unknown, but hundreds of activists are now being held in a prison system notorious for torture and human... More »

Tibetans Push Lama Toward Harder Stance on China

Even leader sees that time's running out on non-confrontational 'middle way'

(Newser) - Tibetans still support the Dalai Lama’s “middle way” policy of negotiating for greater autonomy under Chinese rule, the Christian Science Monitor reports, but a conference of Tibetan exiles that ended today in India revealed many are growing impatient with Beijing’s endless foot-dragging. Members of the conference said... More »

EU Honors Chinese Dissident, Enraging Beijing

Hu Jia is serving a prison sentence for 'subversion'

(Newser) - A move by the European Parliament to award a major human-rights prize to a Chinese dissident has Beijing outraged on the eve of a summit on the economic crisis, the Telegraph reports. The government denounced as “gross interference in China's domestic affairs” news that the jailed Hu Jia had... More »

French Relations With China 'Set Right,' Sarkozy Says

President talks human rights with leaders hosting Beijing visit

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy says the relationship between France and China had been “set right again” in talks today with the Chinese leadership, AFP reports. "I had a lunch and a meeting with the Chinese president and a meeting with the prime minister. I talked about human rights, I handed... More »

Bush Meets 5 China Dissidents Ahead of Games

White House steps up support for human rights before Olympics

(Newser) - President Bush welcomed five prominent Chinese dissidents to the White House yesterday, a week before he leaves for the Olympics. The invitation was one of several moves to intensify pressure on Beijing to respect human rights. Earlier in the day, Bush urged the Chinese foreign minister, who was meeting with... More »

Argentina Baby Snatch Witness Dies in Trial

Possibly killed before could talk about Dirty War disappearances

(Newser) - Days before he was to testify about the Dirty War disappearance of twins born to a political prisoner, a former Argentine army officer has been found dead of a gunshot wound to the head, the BBC reports. Police don't know if Paul Navone committed suicide but human rights groups think... More »

Network Beams Dissidence Into China

Satellite TV station part of media blitz by outlawed Falun Gong

(Newser) - A US-based satellite TV station staffed mainly by members of spiritual movement Falun Gong is broadcasting a dissident message into China, the Wall Street Journal reports. With Falun Gong called an "evil cult" and outlawed by the Chinese government, its members have started New Tang Dynasty, a radio station,... More »

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