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Obama Makes Big Money With Wall Street Speeches

Bloomberg reports on 3, with his going rate about $400K per speech

(Newser) - Barack Obama took flak earlier this year when it emerged that he would collect a handsome $400,000 fee for speaking at an event for investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. It appears that the criticism isn't fazing him much. Bloomberg reports on two more Wall Street speeches for the former... More »

Billionaire Pays to Fix Washington Monument

David Rubenstein chips in $7.5M

(Newser) - Billionaire history buff and Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein has agreed to chip in $7.5 million to help repair the damage the Washington Monument suffered in the August earthquake that shook the region. Congress had already allocated $7.5 million to the task, and expected an equal amount to... More »

Carlyle Group Files for IPO

Huge private equity company to open its books

(Newser) - The Carlyle Group is going public. The mammoth private equity company has filed paperwork with the SEC for what’s planned as a $100 million initial public offering, the Washington Post reports. The move will open its books to public scrutiny, shining a light on the array of 270 disparate... More »

Carlyle to Pay $20M to Settle Pension Probe

Private equity firm adopts ethics rules to end Cuomo inquiry

(Newser) - The Carlyle Group will pay a $20 million settlement and adopt strict new ethics rules to appease New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the Wall Street Journal reports. Cuomo had threatened to bring charges against the group or its employees as part of his pay-to-play probe into New York’s... More »

Private Equity Giants See Big Payday—If They Don't Go Bust

All the major players have survived so far

(Newser) - None of the major players in the "shadow banking" world of private equity—the likes of Blackstone, Carlyle, and KKR—has yet gone bust, and the guessing game of which one will be first is well under way, reports Newser founder Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair. Don't hold your... More »

WaMu Looks to Private Equity as Bank Teeters

Blackstone, Carlyle in talks after overtures to other banks flop

(Newser) - Washington Mutual is hoping private equity will save the bank after its efforts to broker a sale to another financial institution came to nothing. Both the Carlyle Group and Blackstone are considering a takeover of WaMu, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal, although a deal is not yet assured. Many... More »

Lehman Shops Key Unit in Quest for Cash

The troubled Wall Street firm is taking offers for its strong fund management wing

(Newser) - Lehman Brothers is shopping a piece of its investment management unit, the Wall Street Journal reports, joining other large banks in shedding strong-performing businesses to offset mortgage meltdown losses. Lehman’s management business, which includes Neuberger Berman and hosts 27 mutual funds managing $22 billion in individual and institutional wealth,... More »

Stocks Rally After Big Losses

Dow gains for the second straight day

(Newser) - Stocks rallied in the afternoon to recover big early losses, buoyed by a prediction from Standard & Poors that the end was in sight for banks' subprime writedowns. The Dow—at one point down more than 230 points—finished up 35.5 points to close at 12,145.74, MarketWatch... More »

Carlyle Near Collapse After Defaulting on $16B

Big banks put screws to overextended fund

(Newser) - Carlyle Capital announced overnight that it is defaulting on $16.6 billion in debt, and its creditors are likely to take possession of its remaining assets. The latest casualty of the credit catastrophe is a major embarrassment for Carlyle Group, the private equity firm whose executives own 15% of the... More »

As Margin Calls Mount, Carlyle Holds 'Crisis Talks'

Private equity giant's subsidiary imperiled

(Newser) - The Carlyle Group is holding emergency talks with lenders to try to save its drowning Carlyle Capital division, the Washington Post reports. Creditors have decided that Carlyle’s portfolio of traditionally safe mortgage-backed securities holdings isn’t good enough in the current market, and they're demanding $400 million more in... More »

Dow Plummets 214 Points

Market ends at its lowest level in 18 months

(Newser) - The markets fell sharply today as the dollar hit a fresh low against the euro, oil prices hit a fresh high, and more bleak news on the housing front came to light, MarketWatch reports. The Dow plummeted 214.6 points to settle at 12,040.39, its lowest level in... More »

Magna Carta Back in US Archives

Carlyle Group founder returns it after buying for $21.3M

(Newser) - The Magna Carta returned to the National Archives yesterday after facing an uncertain fate on the auction block last year, the Washington Post reports. The 13th-century English document, a precursor to the US Bill of Rights 500 years later, is now on permanent loan from a US businessman who bought... More »

Hit the Road, Jack—or You Can Lease It

Critics balk as states privatize highways to raise capital

(Newser) - Cruising the Goldman Sachs Turnpike might not be as futuristic as it seems, Time reports, as more states lease highways to private companies to raise quick cash for infrastructure needs. And backlash didn't stop Indiana from grabbing $3.8 billion for a 75-year lease on the Indiana Toll Road. States... More »

Banks Might Derail Home Depot Deal

Private equity threatens lawsuit as financing dries up

(Newser) - The pending sale of part of Home Depot took an ugly turn last night as three banks and three private equity firms entered into a showdown over financing. Home Depot dropped its asking price by over $1 billion, but the banks involved—JPMorgan Chase, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch—have... More »

Credit Jitters May Put KKR Offering on Ice

Private equity firm denies reports its IPO will be delayed

(Newser) - The Times of London claims that buyout firm KKR has postponed plans for a $1.25B float and a public listing because of the fallout from turbulent credit markets. The company had planned its IPO this September but has reportedly pulled back due to waning investor confidence following the subprime... More »

Deals Excite Nervous Markets

Dow up 126.81; private-equity boom not over yet; oil has highest close since August

(Newser) - The Dow rose 126.81 points to 13535.43 today, as several big deals assuaged traders worried the recent LBO spate is coming to an end. Chief among them, the Journal's Market Watch reports, was a $32.6B buyout of BCE, Canada's largest telecom, by a consortium including two US... More »

Carlyle Bids on Faltering Virgin Media

Debt-riddled UK cable provider, 35 ($ a share), seeks rich buyout firm

(Newser) - The friendly corporate raiders at the Carlyle Group have floated an offer to buy out Virgin Media, the British cable provider, with total equity in the range of $8B and $10B, the Journal reports. The besieged media company has been losing customers to rivals in the UK, and has stacked... More »

Blackstone IPO Fetches $4.13B

Private equity giant enjoys largest US debut in 5 years; Schwarzman enjoys largest share

(Newser) - The Blackstone Group went public today, selling 133.3 million shares at $31 and raking in $4.13 billion, the largest American IPO since 2002. The keenly anticipated issue values the private equity firm, founded by Stephen Schwarzman 27 years ago with $400,000, at $33.5 billion; the price... More »

Public Binge Predicted for Private Equity

Carlyle chief: All the big players will do IPOs within 5 years

(Newser) - Private equity giant Carlyle Group will likely go public within five years, its co-founder said at a conference yesterday. David Rubenstein predicted a sea-change for the industry, as fund founders cash out before they retire, the FT reports. More »

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