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A Blood Test Predicts How Well You're Going to Age

What secrets lurk within?

(Newser) - Every time the oldest people in the world celebrate a birthday, they're inevitably asked their secret to aging. Some cite alcohol, others the lack of it; some how much they sleep, others how little; many talk about just relaxing , and almost all pay homage to having good genes. Now... More »

Blows Keep Coming: Theranos Gets Dumped by Walgreens

Troubled startup loses main link to customers as drugstore chain pulls plug

(Newser) - Theranos has just lost its main link to consumers in what can only be described as the latest blow to the crumbling startup. Walgreens announced Monday that all 40 of its Theranos Wellness Centers in Arizona drugstores will be closed immediately "in light of the voiding of a number... More »

Feds Prod Theranos in Criminal Probe

SEC, DoJ now involved in investigations into blood-testing company

(Newser) - A success story gone sour has taken a new turn for Theranos and founder Elizabeth Holmes, with the SEC and the US attorney's office for the Northern District of California now conducting criminal investigations to determine whether the blood-testing company misled investors and others about its technologies, CNNMoney reports.... More »

Our Blood Can Change From One Drop to the Next

Scientists warn caution when making conclusions based on a single drop of blood

(Newser) - As doctors shift away from drawing vials of blood from patients and rely on lab-on-a-chip diagnostics that identify a myriad of conditions using a single drop of blood, there's now concern that not all of your blood is equal. A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology... More »

New Test Could Save Kids With Concussions

Blood test is accurate 94% of the time, study says

(Newser) - Imagine a mobile device that not only identifies concussions in children but tells you how bad they are. Well, researchers say a new blood test has them closer to that ideal and diagnoses child concussions with 94% accuracy, UPI reports. "This simple blood test was nearly as accurate as... More »

FDA Draws Blood in Reports on Revolutionary Biotech Firm

Startup Theranos used unapproved device, didn't field complaints: FDA

(Newser) - One year ago, Elizabeth Holmes was the golden child of the biotech world: The college dropout's company, Theranos, had developed a seemingly revolutionary way to draw blood (just one finger prick), and Holmes was named the youngest female billionaire in the US at age 30. News out of the... More »

Rising Tech Star Finds Herself in the Hot Seat

Questions arise about her company's revolutionary blood-testing technology

(Newser) - A 31-year-old tech billionaire and Stanford dropout has gone from gracing the covers of magazines to defending her revolutionary blood-testing company against charges that its work is inaccurate and misleading, the New York Times reports. According to the Wall Street Journal , Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos 12 years ago because she... More »

$25 Blood Test Finds Every Virus You've Ever Had

VirScan lets doctors scan for hundreds of viruses at once

(Newser) - Blood tests can reveal a lot about you, from your suicide risk to your need for antibiotics . Now, researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Institute say a simple blood test can identify every virus you've ever had. From just a single drop of blood, VirScan can detect the remains of... More »

Blood Test Can Tell If You Need Antibiotics or Not

Quick 'MeMed' test can distinguish between viral, bacterial infections: scientists

(Newser) - When you're hacking up a lung and it's not getting better, you know you're going to have to visit the doctor. What you (and even the doctor) often don't know is whether that antibiotic Rx you may get is going to work, simply because it's... More »

Maine Gov. Wants Nurse's Blood

Paul LePage suggests blood test could resolve Kaci Hickox's situation

(Newser) - Maine is seeking a court order to force nurse Kaci Hickox to remain in quarantine for Ebola, but the whole issue "could be resolved" with a simple blood test, Gov. Paul LePage told ABC News yesterday as Hickox was spotted out for a bike ride ; her boyfriend later accepted... More »

Youngest Female Billionaire, 30, Revolutionizes Blood Tests

Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of college at 19

(Newser) - Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of college when she was 19; now, she's just 30. She's also the founder of a $9 billion company that's making medical treatment more accessible, and she's the youngest female billionaire in the US, reports Forbes . (She's the third-youngest billionaire overall.... More »

Calif. Patient Tested for Ebola

Health officials confident they can prevent disease spread

(Newser) - A patient in Sacramento is being tested for Ebola, but health experts still say there is little chance the disease will spread in the US. "We should take this one case not as something to inspire fear but to tell us the system is working,” one expert tells... More »

Blood Test Might Reveal Suicide Risk

Gene key to our stress response: researchers

(Newser) - Scientists say they have a new way of determining suicide risk, and it's based on genetics—requiring only a blood test. Researchers running postmortem genome scans of brain samples found that the brains of those who'd committed suicide had less of a gene called SKA2, as well as... More »

Will You Die in 5 Years? New 'Death Test' Predicts

Body's biomarkers may show chance of death: study

(Newser) - Researchers have announced a rather morbid find: a "death test," as the Telegraph puts it, which may predict the likelihood of a seemingly healthy person biting the dust within five years. The blood test looks at the levels of four of the body's "biomarkers," molecules... More »

Expert Panel: PSA Screening No Good for Men

Prostate cancer test does more harm than good: advisory panel

(Newser) - A federal panel's advice to American men: Forget about that prostate cancer screening, which does more harm than good, ABC News reports. The announcement by the United States Preventive Services Task Force today may have settled a longstanding debate about PSA blood tests, the most common screening for prostate... More »

Depression: It's in Your Blood, Can Be Tested

Researchers develop test that can look for key markers

(Newser) - Soon, you may not have to sit down with a therapist to know if you have depression. A team of researchers has developed a blood test that can identify the markers of major depressive disorder in teens, they say in a study published yesterday in Translational Psychiatry. The researchers focused... More »

Blood Test Determines Fetus' Sex at 7 Weeks

New testing technology is highly accurate, study finds

(Newser) - Blood tests that promise to determine a baby's sex just seven weeks into pregnancy are highly accurate if used properly, a new study finds. Researchers found that the tests, which analyze fetal DNA in the mother's blood, are 95% accurate at seven weeks and 99% accurate at 20... More »

HIV-Testing Program Finds 18K New Cases

But more than 200K have infection without knowing it

(Newser) - An estimated 240,000 people in America have HIV without knowing it, but that figure is dropping after three years of targeted testing among high-risk populations, the Washington Post reports. The $111 million program, carried out in ERs, venereal disease clinics, and drug-treatment centers around the US found 18,000... More »

New Blood Test Checks for Depression

It measures phosphoric acid level in blood

(Newser) - Soon, diagnosing someone with clinical depression might involve a needle instead of a couch. Researchers in Tokyo have developed a blood test that can diagnose depression by measuring phosphoric acid levels, the Telegraph reports. An earlier study demonstrated that people with depression tend to have less ethanolamine phosphate in their... More »

Simple Blood Test May Detect Alzheimer's

But there's still no cure

(Newser) - Researchers say they've found another possible way to detect Alzheimer's, this time through a blood test that looks for antibodies. Though still under development, a diagnostic kit could be available within the year, reports Reuters . The catch: While scientists are getting better at detecting Alzheimer's with such discoveries, they still... More »

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