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Tiny Frogs' No. 1 Option: Hold in Pee All Winter

Behold the wood frog, which literally freezes to 'death' and comes back to life

(Newser) - If you've ever been unable to find a bathroom in a moment of need, you know the gotta-go feeling. That's nothing compared to the wood frog, which doesn't urinate all winter; in Alaska, that's eight months without peeing, reports the AP . Scientists have figured out how... More »

Squirrels Prove It: Females Do All the Work, Guys Goof Off

Males appear to spend a lot of time basking in the sun: new study

(Newser) - Science has given tired women everywhere their I-told-you-so-moment, and it comes courtesy of the hapless Arctic ground squirrel: The males of the species appear to spend most of their non-hibernating months soaking up the rays above ground while the females are kept busy either nursing their young below ground or... More »

People With Chronic Fatigue May Be Fighting 'Hibernation'

New research finds a striking similarity

(Newser) - Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating but still mysterious ailment often marked by long-term fatigue, pain, and memory loss. But symptoms of CFS, or myalgic encephalomyelitis, vary considerably and no cause has been determined or diagnostic test developed—leading to the widespread notion that patients are dealing with a mental,... More »

Grizzlies Waking Up Early in Yellowstone

Or at least one has, about a month ahead of schedule

(Newser) - Visitors to Yellowstone in February typically don't need to worry about coming across grizzly bears. This year, however, they should be sure to pack the bear spray: Park officials say they spotted a grizzly feasting on a bison carcass on Feb. 9, roughly a month earlier than usual, reports... More »

Could Hibernation Lead Us to Alzheimer's Drug?

Study offers possibility of finding drugs that could have same effect as body cooling

(Newser) - During hibernation, animals like bears and mice lose as much as 30% of their synapses as the creatures cool; but those brain connections are recreated when they wake back up however many weeks or months later. Synapses are similarly lost (but, of course, not reformed) in the brains of Alzheimer'... More »

To Eat This 8K-Calorie Breakfast, Sign a Waiver

Chef of British cafe says 'the Hibernator' weighs 7 pounds

(Newser) - Think you're a big eater? One breakfast cooked up at the Bear Grills cafe in Congleton, England, is so daunting that only 20 people have tried it—and no one has successfully cleaned their plate. The chef tells the Daily Mail it's called "the Hibernator" because "... More »

What We Can Learn from Hibernating Bears

They're a 'metabolic marvel,' maintaining bones with calcium from waste

(Newser) - Scientists have for the first time monitored a bear continuously during a six-month hibernation, and they’ve picked up some fascinating—and perhaps medically useful—facts, NPR reports. In the Alaska study, a bear willingly snoozed out the winter in a big box called a hibernaculum. The bear’s temperature... More »

Mars Rover Goes Missing

May be 'hibernating' to survive Martian winter

(Newser) - The Mars rover is MIA. The machine has failed to make a scheduled communication with the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, and NASA officials are speculating that the aging Spirit may have gone into power-saving "hibernation" mode to survive the red planet's winter. "We may not hear from Spirit again... More »

No, Those Iguanas Aren't Dead

They shut down, fall out of trees in chill, but will revive

(Newser) - No, those iguanas plummeting out of trees all over Florida haven’t been killed by the unusual cold, nor are they suicidal over it. In fact, a Miami zoologist tells WPLG-TV , the lizards’ bodies basically turn off when temps dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and they hibernate until things get... More »

New Fungus Linked to Bat Die-Offs

Scientists probe mass deaths in caves

(Newser) - Scientists have identified a new fungus that might be responsible for the mass deaths of bats in the Northeast. If the findings are borne out, they could help researchers understand and eventually stop the contagion—dubbed white-nose syndrome—that has wiped out entire colonies in their caves, the Los Angeles ... More »

Bat Deaths Perplex Scientists

Syndrome could devastate population

(Newser) - Experts are still in the dark about what’s causing the deaths of vast numbers of bats in the Northeast, but some theories have emerged, Salon reports. Some scientists believe white-nose syndrome is driven by global warming, while others are looking hard at pesticides. In either case, humans may have... More »

Deadly Disease Ravaging Bats

Puzzling 'white nose syndrome' may be deadliest ever

(Newser) - A mysterious syndrome is wiping out colonies of hibernating bats and baffling biologists, the New York Times reports. Experts don't know what causes the "white nose syndrome" or how it spreads, but they warn that bat populations in the Northeast are being devastated. Field researchers report bats flying... More »

Light Wanes, Winter Blues Loom

(Newser) - Utter darkness at 5pm might fan a night owl's flame, but for some 10% to 20% of Americans, autumn's lessening light can trigger a bad case of SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. The "winter blues," caused by leftover mammalian genes that want you to hibernate, can be treated... More »

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