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SEC: Citigroup Execs Lied

Former heads knew of losses, SEC claims

(Newser) - Citigroup 's top brass lied about their knowledge of the firm's subprime losses, the SEC alleges. Court fillings from the SEC suggest former chief executive Charles 'Chuck' Prince and former senior adviser Robert Rubin were well aware that the highest-rated segments of subprime mortgage-backed securities were the source of... More »

Villains of Financial Crisis Hide by Boring Us

Tepid hearings reveal pretty much nothing

(Newser) - If you’re like Peggy Noonan, you devoured CSPAN’s coverage of this week's Financial Industry Inquiry Commission hearings, and you got to see, live, the dramatic testimony of ex-Citigroup CEO Charles Prince. “Let’s be real,” Prince said. “You, for political reasons, both Republicans and Democrats,... More »

Citi Execs 'Sorry' for Financial Crisis, But...

Prince, Rubin take no responsibility at inquiry hearing in DC

(Newser) - Citigroup's former CEO Chuck Prince and former chairman Robert Rubin sure are sorry that their bank’s toxic assets struck a near-fatal blow to the economy and necessitated a $45 billion federal bailout, but they really didn’t see it coming. That’s the gist of their testimony today in... More »

Subprime Lender CEOs Defend Exec Pay

Merrill, Citi and Countrywide honchos cashed in as companies foundered

(Newser) - Banking executives who took home huge paychecks even as the subprime mortgage crisis battered their companies appeared before Congress today to defend their actions. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee grilled them about their enormous pay packages as Republicans apologized to them and questioned the premise of the hearing, the... More »

House Hits High Bonuses at Strapped Companies

Fat cats to face executive pay hearing

(Newser) - A House committee wants to know why the CEOs of three companies mired in the subprime crisis collected massive bonuses as their firms bled billions, AP reports. The targets include Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and Countrywide, all of which posted stunning losses last year. Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo and the former... More »

Struggling Citi Names Pandit CEO

Megabank looks to former Morgan Stanley prez to lead recovery

(Newser) - Citigroup today named Vikram Pandit its new CEO. The current head of private-equity and hedge-fund investments will be charged with leading the bank's recovery from staggering losses in the subprime collapse and a 38% drop in its share price this year. The ex-Morgan Stanley president joined Citigroup in April; he... More »

Why the CEO Talent Pool Is So Small

As Citi, Merrill searches show, Wall Street is now a tough place to grow managers

(Newser) - With Citigroup and Merrill Lynch both suddenly searching for new CEOs, the Wall Street Journal looks at why the list of contenders for the top jobs at Wall Street's biggest firms is so short. Start with an earn-or-die corporate culture, which taints talented chief executives who fail to deliver in... More »

Rubin Named Chairman of Citigroup

Prince out; company to report $8-11B more in writedowns

(Newser) - Citigroup CEO and Chairman Charles Prince resigned today, clearing the way for former US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin to be named chairman, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sir Win Bischoff was named interim chief executive. Citigroup also plans to report $8-$11 billion in mortgage-related writedowns, on top of the $2.... More »

Prince to Resign From Citigroup

CEO takes 'very unusual move' after bleak third quarter earnings and SEC probe

(Newser) - Growing pressure on Citigroup Inc. is prompting CEO Charles Prince to end his four-year rein this weekend. Bleak third-quarter earnings and an SEC probe of Citigroup's accounts have amped up existing frustration at the financial services company. Prince has "stepped up and done the right thing without forcing the... More »

Citigroup Profit Plunge Hits a Nervous Market

57% quarterly drop, gloomy outlook drive bank's stock down

(Newser) - Citigroup reported a 57% drop in third-quarter profits today, anticipated news that nevertheless sent the bank's shares down by 3.6% to $46.17. The news helped drive nervous market downward as well. "This is the beginning of earnings season, and the market is skittish because analysts are looking... More »

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