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Ballesteros: Battle With Brain Cancer Is '6th Major'

(Newser) - Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros is taking his recovery from surgery for brain cancer as seriously as he used to work on his game, the Times of London reports. “The way I look at it,” says the 51-year-old five-time major-championship winner, “this is the biggest battle of my... More »

Trendy Pomegranates Have a Downside, Too

The trendy fruit has some drawbacks

(Newser) - Those five bottles of pomegranate juice you drink per day to help you live longer? Turns out they could be hurting you, reports the Chicago Tribune. Pomegranates, which have reached “superstar status” because of their alleged health benefits, can interfere with a number of drugs, including Crestor and Lipitor.... More »

8 Ways to Keep Cancer at Bay

Pomegranate juice, blueberries, and sushi should be in your diet

(Newser) - Here are 8 ways to boost your odds of warding off cancer, courtesy of Dr. Gary Stoner and the Ohio State University medical center in Men's Health.
  1. Drink pomegranate juice
  2. Eat blueberries
  3. Reduce stress
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What to Eat to Avoid Cancer

What you eat—and just as importantly what you don't—may affect your risk of getting cancer

(Newser) - Genes may be a bigger factor than diet, but what you eat can still affect your chances of developing cancer.  MSNBC tells you what to pile on your plate, and what to avoid. Eat up:
  1. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale
  2. High-fiber anything
  3. Foods rich
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4 Stories