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Fast-Food Strikes Hit 6 Continents Today

Higher-wages movement looks to hit 30 other countries

(Newser) - If you want it your way, it might not be right away today. Fast-food industry workers are again striking today, in McDonald's, KFCs, and other chains in some 150 American cities. But the movement for $15 hourly pay is also going global this time, reports the New York Times ... More »

Spanish- Language Ads Hammer Romney

SEIU, pro-Obama super PAC behind spots

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is facing a $4 million Spanish-language ad campaign targeting his biggest gaffes. Labor organization SEIU and Priorities USA, the super PAC backing President Obama, are showing the ads all summer in Florida, Colorado, and Nevada in a campaign kicking off this week. Highlighted Romney quotes include perennial faves... More »

Feds Investigate Payments to Ex-LA Labor Leader

SEIU paid disgraced Alejandro Stephens big consulting fee

(Newser) - Federal authorities are investigating $150,000 in consulting fees that LA’s powerful Service Employees International Union paid to its disgraced ex-leader, the LA Times reports. The US Attorney last year considered using the payment as the basis for an embezzlement charge against that leader, one Alejandro Stephens, but decided... More »

White House Blasts Labor for Wasting $10M in Ark.

Attempt to oust Blanche Lincoln was 'pointless'

(Newser) - The White House didn't waste much time harumphing about the labor movement's failed attempt to oust Blanche Lincoln. Ben Smith of Politico says a senior official called with a pointed message: "Organized labor just flushed $10 million of their members' money down the toilet on a pointless exercise. If... More »

Interest Groups Rejoining the Fray

As campaign's tones get harsher, parties step up sniping from left and right

(Newser) - As Barack Obama and John McCain drop niceties for harsh politicking, interest groups are seeing a thumbs-up from the candidates to bombard Americans with millions in provocative TV, mail, and Web ads. Groups including unions, MoveOn, the Minutemen, and pro-life BornAliveTruth are planning ads, the New York Times reports, including... More »

SEIU Local Paid Big Bucks to Relatives' Firm

Fast-rising union prez defends payments to wife's company

(Newser) - California's biggest union local has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on companies owned by its president's relatives, the Los Angeles Times reports. The SEIU local for low-wage caregivers, and a related charity, paid six figures to a video company run by the wife and mother-in-law of union President Tyrone... More »

Big Unions Cut Secret Deals With Employers

Confidential pacts speed organizing, but raise rights questions

(Newser) - Two of America's biggest unions have made secret deals with major employers that let the companies choose where workers can organize and how many of them can do so, the Wall Street Journal reports. The unions, SEIU and Unite Here, say the confidential agreements have gotten more workers into unions,... More »

SEIU Machine Lines Up Behind Obama

Senator was 'right person at the right time' for influential union

(Newser) - The Service Employees International Union cast its lot with Democrat Barack Obama today, the New York Times reports. "We have an enormous amount of respect for Senator Clinton, but it's now become clear members and leaders want to become part of an effort to elect Barack Obama the next... More »

MoveOn, 2 Top Unions Tap Obama

Calif. service workers, NY transit employees had endorsed Edwards

(Newser) - Barack Obama scored three major endorsements today, winning the support of the liberal activist group MoveOn and two influential unions that had backed John Edwards. MoveOn’s members voted for Obama over Hillary Clinton, 70.4% to 29.6%. The candidate crowed that the group has “demonstrated that real... More »

As NH Blitz Begins, So Do Attack Ads

Outside groups rev up negative flyers, phone calls

(Newser) - Round two looks nastier already. As the presidential candidates swarm New Hampshire, a more aggressive wave of attack ads—from outside groups and the candidates themselves—is evident, the Washington Post reports. Labor and teacher unions, along with anti-tax and pro-life groups, have spent $4 million in recent months on... More »

Edwards Scores Iowa Labor Nod

1 million service workers in 9 other states support third-place hopeful

(Newser) - Iowa service workers backed John Edwards today, and their huge 650,000-member California branch followed suit along with 8 other chapters. SEIU's support gives Edwards about 1 million possible foot soldiers and attendees in his make-it-or-break-it drive for an upset victory at the Iowa caucus. Endorsements from other sizable SEIU... More »

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