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Inconceivable! Princess Bride Game a Treat

It takes just a few hours to beat, but it's good fun

(Newser) - Despite short gameplay and a $20 price tag, the Princess Bride PC game "delivers the goods" for fans, writes Matt Peckham in Variety. A light-hearted Flash adaptation, it remains faithful to the beloved 1987 swashbuckling spoof, even casting many original actors to voice their iconic roles. The game "... More »

Finally, A PC Strategy Game That's A Console Winner

Fast pace will attract new converts for Civilization Revolution , reviewer says

(Newser) - Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution could be the first winner among console versions of PC strategy games, Dylan Fawcett writes in USA Today. While it’s too simple for established fans, newcomers will like its fast pace. Negatives, including a confusing help menu and the strangely even matching of ancient and... More »

This Week's Top Games Are...

GamePro gives top marks to latest Tony Hawk and Avatar

(Newser) - Want great games for your console? Here are this week's winners, as awarded by GamePro.com:
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, the skateboard legend's latest for all major platforms except PC
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender—The Burning Earth, a multiplatformer sequel to the Nickolodeon-inspired original
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5 Worst Video Game Deaths

Five Most Painful Video game Deaths

(Newser) - Not all video game deaths are created equal. MSNBC selects the top five most gruesome:
  1. Spine ripped out: "Mortal Kombat"
  2. Sawed to pieces: "Gears of War," "Doom," "God of War," "Star Wars"
  3. Stomped to death: "Duke Nukem"
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4 Stories