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Diana Wasn't Killed By Military: Report

Police won't reopen investigation, info 'not credible'

(Newser) - Christmas won't be coming early for conspiracy theorists: Investigators at Scotland Yard have concluded that there is "no credible evidence" that British special forces were involved in Princess Diana's death and there is consequently no need to open a criminal investigation, the BBC reports. The London police... More »

Diana's Death: Scotland Yard Reviewing New Info

Says it's being 'assessed,' emphasizes that case is not reopened

(Newser) - Wha? Scotland Yard is sure to set the conspiracy theories in motion with an unusual statement today that it is taking a look at new information about the death of Princess Diana. It wouldn't divulge details, except to say that it was "assessing its relevance and credibility,"... More »

Outrage Over Princess Di Death Photo in Cannes Film

But Dodi Fayed's father supports documentary

(Newser) - Britain is in an uproar over the news that a photograph of the dying Princess Diana will be shown Friday in a documentary debuting at the Cannes Film Festival. The paparazzi photo, taken moments after her fatal 1997 crash, shows her hair and features clearly. It is included in the... More »

Fayed Won't Fight Diana Verdict

Says he'll give conspiracy claims a rest for princes' sake

(Newser) - Though he maintains “reservations,” Mohamed al Fayed won’t fight the verdict in the inquest into the death of his son and Princess Diana, the Daily Telegraph reports. “I’ve done everything for 10 years,” he said. “Enough is enough.” He said he accepts... More »

Princes: Now Leave Mum Alone

William and Harry relieved grueling inquest is over

(Newser) - Prince William and Harry are relieved that the grueling inquest into their mother's death has concluded, hoping it will quiet speculation about conspiracies behind the tragedy. "They just want it to end after all this time," a source told the Daily Telegraph. The inquest concluded yesterday that Princess... More »

Ex-Lawyer: Diana Predicted Queen's Abdication

Princess said she and Charles would be 'skipped over'

(Newser) - Princess Diana believed Queen Elizabeth would abdicate in 1996, and that Prince Charles should succeed her on the throne but wouldn't, the BBC reports. Divorce lawyer Maggie Rae testified today that Diana confided in her in October 1995, predicting that Prince William would be picked over Charles. She also said... More »

Butler: Dodi Wasn't 'the One'

Factotum tells inquest Diana planned to marry ex-flame Khan

(Newser) - Princess Diana had no intention of marrying Dodi al Fayed but had set her sights on Hasnat Khan, says her former butler and confidant extraordinaire. Paul Burrell testified at her inquest today that he met with a Catholic priest to make arrangements for a private ceremony for the princess and... More »

Diana, Dodi Split Before Crash, Friend Tells Inquest

Princess described the affair as 'all over'

(Newser) - Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed had already broken up when they were killed in a car crash, a family friend of Diana's told the inquest into her death today. When Rodney Turner objected to the relationship weeks before the accident, he says, Diana told him, "Don't fuss, don't fuss.... More »

Diana Driver Linked to French Agents

He had more money than job could explain: witness

(Newser) - The driver killed with Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in a Paris car crash regularly communicated with the French intelligence service, a witness testified at the inquest into Diana's death yesterday. Henri Paul, the deputy head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, fed information about important guests to... More »

Passerby Held Diana's Hand

'My God, my God,' she said in last moments

(Newser) - A good Samaritan dramatically described holding the hand of Princess Diana and comforting her as she lay dying in the tangled wreckage of a Mercedes in a Paris tunnel. “She repeated words, ‘My God, My God,'” he said in a statement read yesterday at the London inquest... More »

Dark Car Spotted in Diana Crash

Witnesses testify they heard two collisions

(Newser) - A second, dark car may have been involved in the 1997 Paris car crash that killed Princess Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed, according to testimony at the inquest into the collision yesterday. Two witnesses who were walking outside the tunnel where the accident occurred also testified that they heard two... More »

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