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Cameron Takes Reins in UK

Conservative becomes youngest PM in 200 years

(Newser) - Britain woke up to a new political era today with the first coalition government since World War II—an unlikely marriage between the Conservative Party and the left-leaning Liberal Democrats. With a handshake, smiles and waves, the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed his new coalition partner, Deputy Prime Minister... More »

David Cameron Will Succeed Gordon Brown

Tory-Liberal Dem coalition talks continue

(Newser) - Gordon Brown stepped down as prime minister and resigned as head of the Labour Party today, as it became clear that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are on the verge of forming a coalition government. David Cameron, the head of the Tories, is expected to visit Buckingham Palace today to... More »

Cameron, Clegg Scramble to Form UK Government

Election leaves Liberal Dems in driver's seat

(Newser) - Britain's winner-less election has left both the Conservatives and the Labour Party furiously negotiating with and sucking up to Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party, with papers just as furiously live-blogging the comings and goings. Though they actually lost seats, the Liberal Dems have the power to determine who becomes prime... More »

Nobody Wins UK Election

Country faces hung parliament with no clear winner

(Newser) - The British haven't finished counting the votes from yesterday's election yet but it's now certain that no party will gain a majority of seats in Parliament, despite a large swing of votes toward the Conservatives away from the ruling Labour Party. Britain now has a "hung parliament," in... More »

Cameron Dominates Final UK Debate

Brown fails to make breakthrough in third televised talk-fest

(Newser) - Conservative leader David Cameron was widely seen as the winner of last night's third and final British election debate after Gordon Brown failed to make the breakthrough he desperately needed. The Conservative leader, in a debate focusing on the economy, promised to make sweeping budget cuts if he gains power... More »

Clegg Under Fire in 2nd UK Election Debate

Polls show Liberal Democrat leader narrowly winning Round 2

(Newser) - The third-party candidate who upended Britain's political landscape with a runaway victory in last week's election debate won by a narrower margin as the party leaders clashed again last night, according to polls. In a debate focused on foreign policy, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg came under fire from both... More »

3rd-Party Candidate Wins UK Election Debate

Clegg wins over voters as Brown, Cameron trade jabs

(Newser) - The leaders of both Britain's main political parties may be wishing they'd never agreed to the country's first American-style televised election debate. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg—who offered up his party as a fresh alternative to Gordon Brown's Labour and David Cameron's Conservatives—is widely seen to have won... More »

Rahm Emanuel Apologizes for 'Retarded' Comment

Obama's chief of staff personally calls Special Olympics CEO

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel says he's sorry he called liberals “retarded” in August, and he has personally apologized to the CEO of the Special Olympics. "The apology was accepted,” a White House aide tells the Washington Post . The comment has drawn fire since it came to light, and it... More »

Trounced, Japan's Ruling Party to Quit

Left-wing Democratic Party ousts Liberal Democrats

(Newser) - A top official in Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has announced that he and other officials plan to step down after the party's apparent crushing defeat in today's parliamentary elections. LDP Secretary-General Hiroyuki Hosoda said that he and two other top officials plan to submit their resignations to Prime Minister... More »

Leave Keira's Bust Alone: Brit Pols on Ads

(Newser) - Liberal politicians in Britain are demanding that advertisers stop altering stars' images, including enhancing Keira Knightley's bust and trimming the muscle from Madonna's arms, reports the Independent. Such alternations put more pressure on teen girls already mortified about their looks, say Liberal Democrats, who are pushing for a bill banning... More »

Hillary's Seat Ignites Cuomo, Kennedy Rivalry

Messy war looms over Senate vacancy between powerhouse families

(Newser) - The jockeying for the New York Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton is aggravating long-simmering tensions between Democratic powerhouse families the Kennedys and the Cuomos, reports the New York Daily News. Ted Kennedy is already lobbying for niece Caroline to step into the vacancy. But New York... More »

Brown Surges 11 Points in Latest Poll

Once written off, British PM wins support in financial crisis

(Newser) - A new poll for the Independent shows that Gordon Brown, Britain's once seemingly doomed prime minister, has surged 11 points as the financial crisis continues. The poll put support for the opposition Tories at 39%, Labour at 31%, and the third-party Liberal Democrats at 16%. Where once the Tories were... More »

Brown, Labor Savaged in UK Elections

Labor posts worst election results in 40 years

(Newser) - Labor has suffered its worst showing in 40 years in local elections across England and Wales. Just one year after Gordon Brown became prime minister, his party pulled only 24% of the projected national vote, 20 points behind the Tories and behind even the third-party Liberal Democrats. As for the... More »

Brit Furor Over Asylum for Gay Iranian

Teen says boyfriend was killed; calls gay treatment 'genocide'

(Newser) - A gay teenager who fears the death penalty at home in Iran, after his boyfriend was hanged for sodomy, is fighting for the right to stay in  the UK permanently, the Independent reports. Mehdi Kazemi, 19, lost his asylum claim in Britain and is now in a detention center in... More »

UK Liberal Chief Forced Out In 'Brutal' Purge

As 66-year-old leader goes, British pols face accusations of ageism

(Newser) - British politics got a jolt yesterday with the sudden resignation of Sir Menzies Campbell, leader of the Liberal Democrats. The 66-year-old leader of the UK's third party, languishing in the polls, was forced out by party apparatchiks in what other politicians are calling a brutal, ageist coup. "Merciless,"... More »

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