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Queen Learns Where Crown Jewels Were Hidden in War

Inside a cookie tin

(Newser) - A BBC documentary that aired last weekend about Queen Elizabeth had all kinds of interesting royal nuggets, but one revelation in particular was news to the queen herself. The makers of The Coronation were able to tell Elizabeth where her father hid the most precious of the crown jewels during... More »

This Diamond Just Smashed Auction Records

'Pink Star' sells for $71.2M in Hong Kong

(Newser) - A stunning 59.6 carat diamond known as the "Pink Star" sold for $71.2 million at a Sotheby's auction Tuesday in Hong Kong, setting a new world record for any diamond or jewel, according to the auction house. The oval mixed-cut diamond smashed the $60 million pre-sale... More »

'Chaos' in the Rainforest Over Madagascar's Precious Gems

Environmental group is calling for military intervention over sapphire rush

(Newser) - A sapphire rush has brought tens of thousands of people into the remote rainforests of eastern Madagascar, disfiguring a protected environmental area and prompting calls for military intervention, the AP reports. More high-quality sapphires have been found in the biodiverse area known as Corridor Ankeniheny-Zahamena in the past six months... More »

Man Finds Huge Diamond, Decides to Give It Up

Gives it to government to fund development in Sierra Leone

(Newser) - A pastor in Sierra Leone has discovered the largest uncut diamond found in the West African country for more than four decades and has turned it over to the government, saying he hopes it helps to boost recent development in his impoverished nation. Pastor Emmanuel Momoh found the 706-carat alluvial... More »

Famed Mine Spits Out 121-Carat Diamond

Petra finds white gem in same mine where British crown jewels diamonds were discovered

(Newser) - From the Cullinan mine in South Africa emerged in 1905 what still ranks as the world's largest rough diamond: the Cullinan diamond , a 3,106-carat gem that was cut down into smaller stones and incorporated into the British crown jewels. Now Petra Diamonds announces it's made another sparkling... More »

Naples to Catholic Church: Hands Off the Treasure

Italians say Vatican is trying to wrest control of a trove worth more than crown jewels

(Newser) - "Don't touch the treasure." That's the message more than 3,000 demonstrators in Naples had for the Roman Catholic Church on Saturday. The faithful in that southern Italian city fear that a recent government ruling could help the church get its hands on a priceless collection... More »

Archaeologists Find Grave of 'Sleeping Beauty'

During a 6-week excavation of the ancient city of Aksum in Ethiopia

(Newser) - During a six-week excavation in northern Ethiopia, English archaeologists uncovered 11 graves that contained "extraordinary" items. But the inhabitant of one of the graves is herself particularly enthralling: a so-called "Sleeping Beauty," as Louise Schofield, who led the team, has dubbed her. The woman's positioning and... More »

Robbers Grab $9.5M in Jewels From Armored Cars

Authorities in France say holdup took place at toll booth

(Newser) - Finesse can help in a jewel heist, but brute force is handy, too. Police in France say about two dozen "heavily armed and battled-hardened" robbers attacked two armored cars at a highway toll booth, securing a payday of $9.5 million in jewels, reports the Guardian . Not a single... More »

Spelunkers' Big Find: Ancient Treasure

The coins and jewels date back 2,300 years

(Newser) - Last month it was amateur scuba divers stumbling upon a treasure trove of submerged coins in Israel. Now three amateur spelunkers from the Israeli Caving Club have alerted authorities to a stash of ancient coins and jewels that appear to date back 2,300 years, to the time of Alexander... More »

After 350-Mile Pursuit, a Rest Stop Jewelry Heist

Thieves appear to have trailed a van after it left a jewelry trade show

(Newser) - Four thieves police are describing as "very patient" pounced on a small window of opportunity yesterday morning and walked away with at least a half-million dollars. Officials near Rochester, Minn., say a van that left a diamond and jewelry trade show in Chicago on Sunday drove 350 miles over... More »

The Hope Diamond Gives Up One of Its Secrets

It was once cut in a way that created a sun image at its center

(Newser) - It's legendary, supposedly cursed , admired daily by thousands, and the star of a video game—and yet we don't know all there is to know about the Hope Diamond, or so a recent discovery indicates. The 45.52-carat diamond has given up one of its secrets to French... More »

Big Find Atop French Alps: Jewels

Best guess is that the treasure is from a decades-old plane crash

(Newser) - A very honest mountain climber in the French Alps has stumbled upon an amazing find: a small box crammed with emeralds, sapphires, and other gems, reports the AP . The loot has been valued at about $330,000, but the anonymous climber handed it over to police upon his descent from... More »

Got $2.5M? This Emerald Is for You

25-pound record-breaker goes up for auction

(Newser) - The biggest cut emerald in the world will be auctioned Saturday and is expected to go for up to $2.5 million. The gigantic green stone weighs 57,500 carats—or 25 pounds—and was discovered at an undisclosed location in Brazil, reports Pravda . The emerald, dubbed Teodora, meaning God'... More »

Rare Pink Diamond Fetches Record $46M

London dealer snaps up most expensive stone ever sold at auction

(Newser) - An extremely rare pink diamond has cut its way through world records at a Sotheby's auction. The 24.78 carat stone, graded "fancy intense pink," was sold to London jeweler Laurence Graff for $46,158,674, almost double the highest price ever previously paid for a gemstone at... More »

UK Police Arrest Third Man in $65M Robbery

Authorities use DNA evidence to find Graff jewelry suspects

(Newser) - British police arrested a third man today suspected of participating in the biggest jewelry heist in British history, the Times of London reports. Police already have two men in custody, having captured at least one from DNA evidence left at the scene of the crime. Authorities have said that the... More »

Scottish Gem Expert Hacked to Death in Kenya

(Newser) - Renowned Scottish gem expert Campbell Bridges has been killed by a mob armed with spears and machetes in Kenya's Tsavo National Park, the Independent reports. The murder is believed to be linked to a feud with squatters stealing gems from a Bridges family mine in the park. The mob set... More »

Brazen Paris Gunman Grabs $8M in Gems

(Newser) - A lone gunman boldly stepped into a plush Chopard store in Paris and walked out with $8 million in gems yesterday, reports the BBC. The thief, dressed in a suit and fedora, forced the staff to hand over 15 pieces of jewelry, then calmly exited into the aftyernoon sun. ... More »

Downturn Dulls Gem Trade's Gleam

Effects felt worldwide as Americans stop buying bling

(Newser) - The worldwide slowdown in spending is making for rough times in all facets of the jewelry business, reports the Washington Post. More than a thousand jewelers in the US—which buys almost half the world's polished diamonds—have gone bust, and the effects are being felt from the mines of... More »

Milwaukee Jewel Thieves Get Robbed Leaving Store

(Newser) - Thieves in Milwaukee knocked off a jewelry store yesterday—only to be robbed of the loot themselves as they made their getaway, the Journal Sentinel reports. Police say the two suspects were confronted and robbed by at least four men as they left the store. Cops managed to arrest the... More »

Paris: Gem Thief Was No Stranger

Heiress has suspects in mind

(Newser) - Paris Hilton is pretty sure she knows the burglar who stole $2 million in jewels from her home, E! Online reports. “I think whoever did this, definitely has been there before. We have some suspects that I'm thinking of,” said the heiress, adding that many of the stolen... More »

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