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Ancients 'Predicted the Future' With ... Flour?

Archaeologists uncover three shrines on Armenian hilltop

(Newser) - Archaeologists have discovered three ancient shrines where diviners apparently tried seeing the future with animal bones, small pebbles, or flour baked into little bread rolls, LiveScience reports. Ensconced in an Armenian fortress, the roughly 3,300-year-old shrines found between 2003 and 2011 each have a room containing a clay basin... More »

Global Warming Will Bring 'Global Weirding'

(Newser) - While the physical changes brought on by global warming—droughts, floods, and the like—are fairly easy to model, the effect on ecosystems is disconcertingly unpredictable, John Waldman writes in Yale Environment 360. Species will shift migration patterns and seek new homes, affecting other species in ways we can't imagine.... More »

It May Be 'Mayday!' for Commercial Aviation

Fuel prices, environmental concerns could make that cheap seat a luxury

(Newser) - The end of cheap oil means it’s “springtime for gloomy futurists,” Bradford Plumer writes in the New Republic, but we’re not headed for a Mad Max scenario just yet—unless you like cheap seats on airplanes. Jet fuel is approaching twice the price of a year... More »

Future Sunny for Solar Power

Tech leap will enable replacement of fossil fuels in 20 years: panel

(Newser) - Don’t sweat the energy crisis, say scientist Ray Kurzweil and Google co-founder Larry Page, who predict that within 20 years we’ll be getting 100% of our energy from the sun, based on current solar technology and growth trends. Kurzweil’s fortune-telling record is pretty good: He foresaw the... More »

4 Stories