Black Monday

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Dow Dives 367 on 'Black Friday'

(Newser) - Wall Street observed the 20th anniversary of Black Monday with an absolute bloodbath today as the Dow fell a whopping 366.94 points to close at 13,522.02. Wachovia, Caterpillar, and Honeywell led a host of disappointing earnings reports, driving every major index down over 2.5%. The S&... More »

Can 1987's Black Monday Happen Again?

Not likely, but credit crunch proves we can invent new screw-ups

(Newser) - Twenty years ago, Black Monday—now, the credit crunch. Haven’t we learned a thing? Yes and no, says MSNBC: Today, "circuit breakers" make a 1987-style sell-off unlikely by cutting off trading at certain limits. And new, tighter mortgage standards will keep credit under control. But greed and fear... More »

2 Stories