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Fresh Prince Lyrics Prompt Panic, School Lockdown

Receptionist thought kid was 'shooting some people outside of the school'

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania school district went into crisis mode yesterday over a shooting "threat" that turned out to be misheard lyrics from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. High school student Travis Clawson, 19, unwittingly found himself the subject of a manhunt when the receptionist at his eye doctor'... More »

Panicked? Don't Take a Deep Breath

Shallow breathing will actually make you feel better

(Newser) - Feeling panicked? Calm down and take a … shallow breath. Researchers who developed a new treatment for panic attacks say that the common advice of taking a deep breath can actually make you feel worse, LiveScience reports. That’s because breathing too deeply and too quickly can cause you to... More »

Buffett: 'Financial Panic Is Behind Us'

He sounds optimistic note at Columbia University forum

(Newser) - Warren Buffett says the worst is over. "The financial panic is behind us," he declared at Columbia University. The Berkshire Hathaway chief acknowledged that the US economy "still is sputtering some," but he sounded a bullish note on investment opportunities around the globe. While he gave... More »

Fake Lottery Winner Causes Store Ruckus

Ohio woman gets 'extravagant' without meds, daughter says

(Newser) - An Ohio woman may be charged with inciting panic after telling a store full of shoppers that she had won the lottery and was treating. Police had to show up at the Burlington Coat Factory to put down the ruckus when word got out, the Columbus Dispatch reports. The 45-year-old... More »

Flu Carries Lessons for Bioterror Fight

(Newser) - The H1N1 flu outbreak spotlights a public-health infrastructure ill suited to respond to a pandemic or its close cousin, a bioterror attack, D.A. Henderson writes for Newsweek. We must “sharpen our health-care response. Rapid diagnosis and response are critical,” he writes. The “interconnected world we live... More »

Bloomberg Blasts 'Photo Op' Flyover

Chain of communication broke down on DoD photo op

(Newser) - New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is livid over a Department of Defense photo op that sent two planes buzzing over lower Manhattan today, ABC News reports. Bloomberg called the flyover “ill-conceived” and expressed ire over the DoD's failure to notify him. "Poor judgment would be a nice... More »

Media Frenzy Makes Recession Worse

Sky isn't falling for many, but barrage 'crackling with panic' makes us feel that way

(Newser) - There’s no doubt the economy is bad. The of flood sky-is-falling news stories make that abundantly clear. But the avalanche of bad news—delivered faster than ever before through myriad, ever-present media outlets—has fed upon itself, sinking all of us into a deeper state of collective panic than... More »

Thousands Flee After New Quake Warning

Roads jam, open spaces fill with crowds in Chengdu, Dhina

(Newser) - A new quake warning sent thousands of frightened Chinese running into the streets of Chengdu today, Reuters reports. With nerves still raw from last week's disaster, drivers jammed roads and people dragged their bedding into open spaces. A 5.0 aftershock in Pingwu County also sent buildings swaying in Chengdu,... More »

Can 1987's Black Monday Happen Again?

Not likely, but credit crunch proves we can invent new screw-ups

(Newser) - Twenty years ago, Black Monday—now, the credit crunch. Haven’t we learned a thing? Yes and no, says MSNBC: Today, "circuit breakers" make a 1987-style sell-off unlikely by cutting off trading at certain limits. And new, tighter mortgage standards will keep credit under control. But greed and fear... More »

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