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'Gordon Gekko' Working for FBI

Michael Douglas tapes public service ad on Wall Street evils

(Newser) - The "greed is good" money man who everyone loved to hate in the movie Wall Street has turned a new leaf. He's now working for the FBI, reports MSNBC . "Gordon Gekko," aka Michael Douglas, is doing a public service announcement for the FBI cautioning consumers to... More »

Film's Most Sinister Villains

(Newser) - Movie heroes may get the girl, the fans, and the happy ending, but villains have all the fun. With the summer lineup under way, moviegoers will see evil in many forms—from a megalomaniacal robot/tank to a sinister British sorcerer. But what performances by their predecessors will they have to... More »

Life Giving You Lemons? Buy a White Shirt

Old standby conveys perfect message to future employers

(Newser) - Seeing red in the markets and less green in their wallets, many newly unemployed businessmen are opting for white in their wardrobe, the Telegraph reports. Sales of white shirts are rising at London clothiers as consumers opt for a fresh start amidst economic turmoil. “A plain white shirt sends... More »

Crisis, Schmisis: Wall Street Sequel Is on

Michael Douglas may be back as Gordon Gekko

(Newser) - Had enough of real-life Wall Street? Well, 20th Century fox has a sequel to the 1987 movie in the works, Variety reports. Michael Douglas hasn't officially signed on, but the story centers on his character, Gordon Gekko, as he gets out of prison. Charlie Sheen's Bud Fox won't make an... More »

Can 1987's Black Monday Happen Again?

Not likely, but credit crunch proves we can invent new screw-ups

(Newser) - Twenty years ago, Black Monday—now, the credit crunch. Haven’t we learned a thing? Yes and no, says MSNBC: Today, "circuit breakers" make a 1987-style sell-off unlikely by cutting off trading at certain limits. And new, tighter mortgage standards will keep credit under control. But greed and fear... More »

5 Stories