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Paris' Open-Air Urinals Called 'Immodest, Ugly'

Residents are not happy about the uritrottoirs

(Newser) - To combat public urination, Paris officials are encouraging men to urinate in public ... sort of. They've installed open-air urinals, or uritrottoirs, across the city, but the plan has been met with mixed reactions, CNN reports. The urinals are housed in flower boxes, but beyond that, they're not exactly... More »

San Francisco's New Weapon on Public Urination: Open-Air Urinal

City will try almost anything

(Newser) - San Francisco's iconic Dolores Park is now home to the city's first open-air urinal, the latest move to combat public urination in the city. The concrete circular urinal is out in the open, though plants and a screen offer some privacy. The park once had just three toilets,... More »

SF's Pee-Repelling Walls Are Really Making a Splash

So much so that the city will cover more walls in Ultra-Ever Dry paint

(Newser) - San Francisco's experiment with pee-repelling paint is working out so well that the city says it will expand the trial in an attempt to prevent further public urination. Since treating nine of its walls with a liquid-repelling coating that causes urine to bounce back at anyone seeking relief, the... More »

JetBlue Passenger Redefines 'Bad Seatmate'

Police say he woke up and began peeing on fellow passengers

(Newser) - An Oregon man faces charges after authorities say he urinated on passengers on a flight from Anchorage to Portland, Oregon. Jeff Rubin, 27, was arrested yesterday after JetBlue Flight 47 arrived at Portland International Airport, reports KOIN-TV . A police report says passengers and airline employees told officers Rubin had been... More »

Pee in Public in SF, and Pee Might Come Back at You

Could paint be the solution to the city's smelly woes?

(Newser) - Your attempt to surreptitiously pee in public in San Francisco could leave you reeking of urine and more than a little wet. The man in charge of the city's Department of Public Works plans to test a water-repellant paint that's designed to cause liquid to bounce mightily back... More »

Woman's Dog Peed All Over Lane Bryant: Cops

And reportedly ruined $2K worth of clothes

(Newser) - Fourteen dresses and 11 pairs of pants are now off the shelves (we're assuming) at a Lane Bryant in Toms River, NJ, after a woman entered the store on Monday and reportedly allowed her dog to freely answer nature's call wherever it saw fit. Police are now on... More »

Refused Bathroom Trip, Girl Pees on Plane Seat

Jennifer Devereaux says JetBlue attendant snapped at her

(Newser) - Jennifer Devereaux's little girl had to go to the bathroom, but the flight attendant said no. Soon after, the 3-year-old went anyway—right there on the seat of the JetBlue plane, Reuters reports. "It wasn’t about bad customer service ... it was about bad human decency," Devereaux... More »

Teen Says He Didn't Actually Pee in Portland Reservoir

Well, Dallas Swonger says it in a much more swear-filled way than that

(Newser) - The Portland teen accused of peeing in a city reservoir on Wednesday insists he didn't do it—in a relatively NSFW defense. "Yeah, it's f---ing retarded, dude," 18-year-old Dallas Swonger tells Vocativ in what the site calls an "expletive-filled interview" given as Swonger smoked a... More »

Guy Gets 18 Months for Peeing on the Alamo

Daniel Athens must also pay $4K in restitution

(Newser) - Daniel Athens is probably going to forever remember his decision to urinate on the Alamo back in April 2012. The El Paso resident has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for peeing on the San Antonio landmark during a visit to the city, KPRC reports. He'll also have... More »

Man Electrocuted on NYC Subway Tracks

Friend couldn't save Matthew Zeno, 30

(Newser) - Those warnings about the third rail are no joke. After a night out, a man was walking along the subway tracks in Brooklyn when he "inadvertently made contact with the third rail and was electrocuted," per the NYPD as reported by Gothamist . The New York Daily News takes... More »

Guy Wanted for 13 Years Caught in Colorado...

After he was picked up for peeing on KFC wall

(Newser) - A man wanted for 13 years on attempted murder charges in Los Angeles was captured in Colorado after someone called police to report he was urinating on a wall outside a KFC restaurant. Miguel Sanchez, 59, initially gave officers a false name when he was arrested Wednesday, according to the... More »

Alaska Town Looks to Ban Drunk Walking

...and public defecation

(Newser) - Defecating and urinating in public are already against the law in Alaska, but one small town 400 miles west of Anchorage is considering a ban of its own—and the proposed ordinance doesn't stop there. The move to beef up Bethel's public decency laws would also bar residents... More »

Gee Whiz: Mom Gets Big Fine After Toddler Pees in Yard

'He's 3 years old,' she protests

(Newser) - An Oklahoma woman got a $2,500 ticket for public urination Sunday, on behalf of her not-yet-potty-trained son. A police officer happened to be sitting in his cruiser near Ashley Warden's home when her toddler son Dillan pulled down his pants and peed in the front yard, the Oklahoman... More »

Phelps Agrees: 'Everybody Pees in the Pool'

Chorus of top swimmers admit mid-stroke urination

(Newser) - When you've gotta go, you've gotta go—even if you're an Olympian. Ryan Lochte recently 'fessed up to peeing in the pool, and now Michael Phelps has his back. "I think everybody pees in the pool," says the greatest Olympic competitor of all time.... More »

Kuwait Official Pees on Blair Home, Gets Tasered

Protection officers caught him on former PM's doorstep

(Newser) - A government official from Kuwait picked a really bad place to take a leak as he stumbled drunkenly through the streets of London late at night. The official was approached by diplomatic protection officers as he peed on the doorstep of former prime minister Tony Blair's home, the Telegraph... More »

Man Busted for Peeing on Co-Workers' Chairs

Raymond Charles Foley urinated on those belonging to 'attractive females'

(Newser) - If your office chair seems a little damp ... well, you might want to find another one. A 59-year-old Des Moines man was charged with criminal mischief yesterday after turning himself in for peeing on the chairs of his Farm Bureau colleagues. Security cameras installed after mysterious stains began appearing on... More »

Chargers Kicker Caught Taking Sideline Leak

Nick Novak confesses to peeing mid-game

(Newser) - A missed kick wasn’t the only embarrassment for the San Diego Chargers’ Nick Novak in a game this weekend. CBS cameras provided a shot of the man peeing on the sidelines, the New York Daily News notes. When reporters asked Novak about the incident, he wasn’t bashful. “... More »

Town's Pricey New Fountain Being Used as Bathroom

New London city officials struggle to keep public from peeing in it

(Newser) - The people of New London, Connecticut, have been letting city officials know exactly what they think of their very, very expensive whale tail fountain … and it’s not pretty. The city was forced to shut off water flowing out of the public fountain—an 8,000-pound bronze sculpture built... More »

Swedish Court: It's Fine to Pee Anywhere in Public

As long as no one is offended by it, go wherever

(Newser) - Coming home from a party and unable to hold it any longer? In Sweden, you might as well just pick a convenient wall and drop trou, assuming nobody’s looking. A Stockholm court has acquitted a 45-year-old man charged with peeing in public, the Local reports. The court said the... More »

Paris Piss Brigade Targets Urine Sauvage

Task force strives to stop Parisians spraying city with urine

(Newser) - A Paris task force charged with enforcing good behavior is finding human urine tougher to get off the streets than poodle poop, the Wall Street Journal reports. Members of the elite Brigade des Incivilités—Bad Behavior Brigade—can ticket offenders for everything from littering to handing out fliers, but... More »

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