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Women Are Better Beer Tasters

So says MillerCoors, which has a lot riding on it

(Newser) - Men guzzle way more beer, but women seem to have a better nose for it. One major brewer—SABMiller, which makes Miller and Coors, among other brands—has concluded that women are better able to discern when a batch is skunky or just right, and as a result, the company... More »

Carlsberg Tension Still Brews Over on-the-Job Boozing

Union digging in over 'need to keep our beer'

(Newser) - It's perhaps an enviable problem to have, but workers and management at Copenhagen's Carlsberg brewery are still facing off over the right to crack a cold one on the clock. Workers went on strike this week after Carlsberg limited the century-old privilege to a mere three pints during lunch hour.... More »

Carlsberg Workers Strike Over Beer Ban on the Job

Brewery limits drinks to the lunch hour

(Newser) - Up to 800 workers at the Carlsberg brewery in Denmark struck for a second day today after management decided they could drink beer only at lunch time. Apparently, drinking three beers—other than those consumed at lunch—is a longstanding tradition at the brewery, and not one employees are willing... More »

Want a Beer From the Hindenburg? $8K, Please

Burnt, undrinkable 1937 bottle could be most expensive ever sold

(Newser) - “You wouldn't want to drink it,” the auctioneer tells the BBC . “It is probably quite putrid to taste.” And yet, if the bottle of beer sells as expected, it will be the most expensive ever bought. Why? It’s a Lowenbrau rescued from the smoldering ruins... More »

This Bid's for Bud: Belgian Brewer Offers $46B

InBev wants to buy Anheuser-Busch

(Newser) - The Belgian-based brewer InBev has made a $46 billion cash bid for US beer giant Anheuser-Busch in what would be one of the largest foreign acquisitions of an American corporation, the Wall Street Journal reports. If it goes through—a prospect that is far from certain—the 132-year-old Budweiser brand... More »

Ikea's Names Enrage Danes

Danish monikers on Swedish outfit's doormats, floor runners wound pride

(Newser) - Danes are hopping mad about a discovery that Swedish furniture giant Ikea uses Danish place names for its doormats and floor coverings, while reserving Swedish and Norwegian monikers for higher-end items, Der Spiegel reports. Some Danish academics argue that this reinforces Sweden’s perception of Denmark as a “doormat”... More »

Newcastle Sells for $15.2B

Carlsburg, Heineken divvy up UK brewer

(Newser) - After months of playing hard-to-get, UK brewer Scottish & Newcastle has agreed to a $15.2 billion takeover bid from Carlsberg and Heineken. The offer tops a bid rejected in March by 11.1%, Forbes reports. Experts expected S&N to squeeze out a better deal, especially after it filed... More »

Manhunt on Tap After Massive Guinness Heist

Beer bandit stole 450 kegs from landmark Dublin brewery

(Newser) - Taking the "My Goodness My Guinness" slogan quite literally, a thief stole 450 kegs from the landmark Dublin brewery today, the AP reports. Irish police say the thief entered by truck and took off with a trailer packed with kegs, the biggest theft in Guinness history. The kegs contained... More »

Beer War Brewing in Europe

Carlsberg, Heineken may bid for Newcastle parent

(Newser) - Trouble could be brewing as two European brewers draw a bead on one of the UK’s top suds makers, Scottish & Newcastle. Copenhagen-based Carlsberg and Amsterdam’s Heineken are negotiating to form a consortium to buy the brewer of Newcastle Brown Ale for as much as $14 billion, the ... More »

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