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In Recession, NBC Page Gig Loses Luster

Once, $10/hour job launched careers; now, breeds bitterness

(Newser) - Stop by NBC’s Rockefeller Plaza headquarters for a tour, and you’ll be shown around by cheerful 20-somethings, cheerfully working 50-hour weeks for $10 an hour. Why? Because this is the NBC page program! Michael Eisner started as a page, as did Steve Allen, Willard Scott and others. But... More »

After Disney, Eisner Thrives Online

Eisner believes internet programming is entertainment's future

(Newser) - Michael Eisner was once at the top of the heap as CEO of Disney, where he flourished. But after he was squeezed out by what some thought was poor company performance, he got creative in new media—and “I’m much happier now,” he tells the New York ... More »

NBC Pages Seek Bigtime on $10/Hour

Ted Koppel, Regis Philbin alums of yearlong program

(Newser) - Screaming girls, predawn starts, and 6-day weeks are a lot to handle on $10 an hour—but NBC pages see success at the end of the tunnel, the New York Times reports. They know that hours of smiling schlep work—think photocopies and coffee—have led luminaries like Regis Philbin... More »

Biden Attracts West Wing Love

Richard Schiff, who played White House insider, is candidate's Hollywood connection

(Newser) - He probably wouldn’t merit a Washington appointment, but Joe Biden’s biggest Tinseltown fan has small-screen political experience, the Los Angeles Times reports. Richard Schiff, who won an Emmy for his role as White House communications director on West Wing, is stumping for his “real deal” candidate this... More »

Disney Park Launches $1B Redo

Mouse to make California Adventure more like Disneyland

(Newser) - Disney is launching a $1.1 billion overhaul of its California Adventure theme park in a bid to boost smaller-than-predicted earnings and make the park more like big brother Disneyland. The Anaheim park, opened in 2001, drew 6 million visitors last year—a million less than predicted and far fewer... More »

5 Stories