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Investors Sue Countrywide Over 'Massive Fraud'

Their triple-A-rated securities are now junk, they claim

(Newser) - Investors are suing Bank of America’s Countrywide mortgage unit, claiming they were fraudulently led into purchasing supposedly triple-A-rated mortgage-backed securities that turned out to be junk. Between 2005 and 2007, the investors bought hundreds of millions of dollars of securities that were supposed to be “conservative” and “... More »

Dodd, Conrad Cleared But Scolded in Mortgage Probe

(Newser) - Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad have been cleared of wrongdoing in taking preferred loans from Countrywide Financial, the Hill reports. But the Senate ethics panel gave both Democrats slaps on the wrist. No “credible evidence” of ethics violations emerged, the committee said in a statement, but two “should... More »

Countrywide's Mozilo Charged With Fraud

Mozilo, two others accused of fraud, misleading investors

(Newser) - The SEC has charged former Countrywide chief Angelo Mozilo and two other former execs with civil fraud, the Wall Street Journal reports. The agency accuses them of insider trading and withholding information from investors about the condition of what was once the nation's largest mortgage company. They are the first... More »

SEC May Charge Mozilo of Countrywide With Fraud

(Newser) - The long slide from the top continues for former Countrywide chief Angelo Mozilo. Staffers at the SEC have recommended filing a civil suit against him on charges of fraud and insider trading, reports the Los Angeles Times. Countrywide had been the nation’s largest mortgage lender before it nearly went... More »

Check Out Mansions of Bigwig Bankers

(Newser) - It's not been the best of years for the titans of Wall Street: a few federal bailouts, a housing collapse, and now a Ponzi scheme of mind-boggling proportions can do that. "Where did all that money go?" wonders the website And it has a partial answer: Straight... More »

Illinois to Sue Countrywide, CEO Over Foreclosure Fiasco

State blames company for foreclosures

(Newser) - The state of Illinois will sue Countrywide and its CEO today for "unfair and deceptive practices" in the first suit related to the current mortgage crisis. The company is accused of pushing loans on homeowners even if they couldn't repay them, the Wall Street Journal reports. Illinois' attorney general... More »

Countrywide Scandal Extends to Senate

Troubled mortgage lender gave breaks to Dodd, other VIPs

(Newser) - Countrywide Financial made sweetheart deals for lawmakers and other high-profile pols who received mortgages from the disgraced lender, a Portfolio exposé reveals. The deals, which appear to violate both company rules and federal law, benefited "Friends of Angelo"—as in CEO Angelo Mozilo—including at least two US... More »

Subprime Lender CEOs Defend Exec Pay

Merrill, Citi and Countrywide honchos cashed in as companies foundered

(Newser) - Banking executives who took home huge paychecks even as the subprime mortgage crisis battered their companies appeared before Congress today to defend their actions. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee grilled them about their enormous pay packages as Republicans apologized to them and questioned the premise of the hearing, the... More »

House Hits High Bonuses at Strapped Companies

Fat cats to face executive pay hearing

(Newser) - A House committee wants to know why the CEOs of three companies mired in the subprime crisis collected massive bonuses as their firms bled billions, AP reports. The targets include Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and Countrywide, all of which posted stunning losses last year. Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo and the former... More »

SEC Looks Into Countrywide Stock Sales

CEO of nation's largest mortgage lender dumped $130M in stock before crisis hit

(Newser) - The CEO of troubled mortgage lender Countrywide is under investigation over stock sales, the Wall Street Journal reports. Angelo Mozilo sold at least $130 million this year of stock in a company deeply affected by the subprime mortgage mess; the Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into several aspects of... More »

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