glacial period

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Radar Reveals Antarctica's Hidden 'Alps'

Mapping expedition uncovers 'Alps' that show how ice sheet was formed

(Newser) - Scientists using radar to map what lies beneath two miles of Antarctic ice have discovered a landscape similar to Europe's Alpine region, the BBC reports. The sharp peaks and deep valleys surprised researchers who expected the area to have been ground much flatter by shifting ice. Researchers believe the findings... More »

Earliest Humans Put a Shrimp on the Barbie

'Mother of all' ice age survivors roasted shellfish at the beach

(Newser) - Remnants of one of the earliest known human settlements, possibly the community from which all modern people are descended, have been discovered on the South African coast. The band of humans survived 164,000 years ago on cooked shellfish and the occasional whale, and wore red body paint, according to... More »

2 Stories