Chateau Marmont

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One Reason Celebs Love the Chateau Marmont

Thick walls, hidden walkways make it perfect for privacy

(Newser) - Why do celebrities flock to the Chateau Marmont ? The Hollywood hotel was built in 1926 (and was first an apartment building), and seeing as it's located on a hill in California, it was constructed entirely of steel and concrete. That allows it to withstand earthquakes—but the thick... More »

8 Stars Banned From Hotels, Bars...

And, of course, indoor skydiving establishments

(Newser) - So you're a nightclub owner. Of course you want celebrities to be seen at your establishment ... with a few exceptions. The Huffington Post rounds up eight stars who've been banned from bars, hotels, and other places:
  • Justin Bieber got banned from perhaps the weirdest place of all—Las
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7 Stars Banned From Swanky Hotels

Lindsay Lohan joins these other classy folks

(Newser) - Think Lindsay Lohan is the first celebrity to get completely banned from a fancypants hotel ? Think again. The Stir rounds up six more:
  • Britney Spears: Like Lohan, she got herself banned from the Chateau Marmont in 2007. In her case, it was because she allegedly smeared food all over
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Lindsay Lohan Banned From Chateau Marmont

Apparently she didn't pay her bill ... for the 47 days she stayed there

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan may be off the hook for a recent theft , but her troubles are far from over: TMZ reports that she owes the famous Chateau Marmont $46,350.04. Her unpaid charges, racked up while she was living at the Sunset Strip hotel over the course of 47 days... More »

LiLo Crashes, Burns at Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan was a mess during recent night out

(Newser) - Though she claims to be cleaning up her act, Lindsay Lohan’s sloppy antics continue: Her latest embarrassing incident found her falling face-first into an agave plant early yesterday. LiLo was apparently in a bad way when she started her evening at the Chateau Marmont—one witness tells the New ... More »

Hartnett Hospitalized With Stomach Virus

(Newser) - Josh Hartnett was taken to a Los Angeles hospital early this morning after complaining of stomach pains, TMZ reports. The actor was picked up at the Chateau Marmont around 2am and walked himself to the ambulance. The “excruciating pain” was perhaps caused by a stomach virus Hartnett picked up... More »

LiLo a Lesbian? 'No.' Bisexual? 'Maybe. Yeah.'

Actress dishes on Sam, career; doesn't 'want to classify myself'

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan appears to be growing up, discussing her wild-child image, her career, relationship, and family drama over a Shirley Temple with Harper’s Bazaar. The actress, who called her old life “not OK,” said she is happy and working toward new goals. She alluded to rumored girlfriend... More »

Perez Hilton Calls Own Work ‘Noble’

Admits he skewers Britney because he feels 'cheated'

(Newser) - Mario Lavandeira, aka Perez Hilton, is every celebrity’s worst nightmare, but the blogger thinks his work—satirically applying lipstick, dollar signs, and other doodles to Hollywood’s most photographed—is “noble.” With his own VH1 reality show, a ban from the Chateau Marmont, and a yearly take... More »

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