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Judicial Nominee Pulls Name After '2 Worst Minutes' on TV

Video of Matthew Petersen failing to answer basic legal questions went viral last week

(Newser) - Last week Matthew Petersen was on his way to becoming a judge on the US District Court for the District of Columbia. Then Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse tweeted a video of Petersen at his Judiciary Committee hearing failing to answer a series of basic legal questions from Republican Sen. John Kennedy,... More »

Who Replaces Eric Holder?

Deval Patrick, Kamala Harris turning up on lots of lists

(Newser) - With Eric Holder leaving the post of attorney general, attention shifts to who will succeed the man President Obama today praised as "the people's lawyer." (Read Obama's full remarks here .) Whoever it is will surely face a bruising confirmation battle given Republicans' disdain of Holder,... More »

Thousands March Against Keystone Oil Pipeline

Greens also call for standards on current power plants

(Newser) - A crowd that organizers tallied at 35,000 marched on the White House today to pressure President Obama into nixing the Keystone XL oil pipeline, reports The Hill . The environmental activists came together in the National Mall and heard speeches before heading to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. "They’ve got... More »

Lieberman Wins: Dems to Drop Medicare Buy-In

Health bill takes another hit as leaders seek votes

(Newser) - Senate Democrats, in danger of losing the votes they need to pass health care reform, bowed to Joe Lieberman last night and acknowledged that they are ready to drop the plan to allow people over 55 to buy coverage under Medicare. That idea itself was a compromise intended to appeal... More »

Clinton to Dems: 'The Worst Thing to Do Is Nothing'

And, former prez adds, tea-baggers mad 'because we are winning'

(Newser) - Bill Clinton pounded Democratic senators on health-care reform today, telling them that passing a bill this year is imperative. “Just pass the bill, even if it’s not exactly what you want,” Clinton said. “When you try and fail, the other guys write history. … The worst... More »

Anti-Torture Memo May Embarrass Bush Camp

(Newser) - Probably the most newsworthy item out of today’s Senate hearing into alleged torture techniques is that a memo written by a former State Department counselor who questioned their legality has been located and may be released, writes Zachary Roth for Talking Points Memo. Philip Zelikow’s memo, which he... More »

DOJ Probes Itself Over Torture Memos

Ethics chief reveals inquiry into advice that OK'd waterboarding

(Newser) - The Department of Justice is probing its own legal approval of waterboarding for the CIA, the New York Times reports. DOJ ethics chief H. Marshall Jarrett confirmed today that his office is conducting the first public inquiry of the 5-year-old advice and may issue a non-classified report when it is... More »

Bush Chides House Dems for Law Expiration

Eavesdropping measure expires at midnight

(Newser) - With a law that expands the government's power to eavesdrop due to expire at midnight, President Bush scolded Congress today for sitting idly by and allowing it to happen. Bush said Congress' failure to act could cause the US to “lose a vital lead that could prevent an attack,... More »

Mukasey Silent on Torture, Vocal on Spying

AG nominee's testimony a "massive hedge," says Democratic senator

(Newser) - Michael Mukasey remained mum today on whether interrogation methods such as waterboarding constitute torture. But the president’s nominee for attorney general spoke out in favor of the White House’s eavesdropping program, the NY Times reports, frustrating and confusing Democrats on the second day of his confirmation hearings. Mukasey... More »

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