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Bloomberg Could Get OK for Third Run

New York City Council will consider measure to extend term limits

(Newser) - A controversial bill to ditch the two-term limit for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and dozens of other city officials will be introduced next week, reports the New York Times. City Council members believe Bloomberg has enough support to pass the measure, though supporters and critics alike are nonplussed... More »

Bloomberg: I Don't Want to Walk Away

'Unprecedented challenges' push NYC mayor to seek 3rd term

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg is officially seeking a third term to rescue New York from "meltdown" in the financial crisis, the Daily News reports. “I don’t want to walk away,” the mayor said in explaining why he intends to rewrite city rules despite thinking “term limits is... More »

How Fair Is the 'Third Term' Jab?

McCain offers some differences, but largely agrees with Bush

(Newser) - With President Bush posting record disapproval ratings, Democrats have gleefully dubbed a John McCain presidency a "third Bush term." The claim is at least partially justified, reports the New York Times in an analysis of the "McBush" charge—McCain agrees with Bush on taxation, health care, the... More »

Call Me Russian FDR: Putin

Presenting himself as popular US prez to stay in power

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin sees himself as Russia's Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is actively encouraging a cult around the Depression-slaying US leader to promote his own ambitions after his current term as president expires. Admiring profiles and documentaries about Roosevelt in the state-controlled media are indoctrinating Russians as Putin maneuvers to stay... More »

4 Stories