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Could Google's Alfred Rival Siri?

After criticizing Siri, Android looks to follow

(Newser) - Less than two months after Google's mobile chief panned Siri and said Google had no interest in adding a Siri-like assistant to Android , the company yesterday announced that it has bought the tech company that makes Alfred, a personal assistant smartphone app. In a look at the move, Reuters... More »

Microsoft, Yahoo Discuss Ad Partnership

Takeover apparently off the table in informal negotiations

(Newser) - Microsoft and Yahoo have returned to the bargaining table, but their latest discussions concern advertising sales, the Wall Street Journal reports. The advanced, though informal, negotiations have included both firms' CEOs but likely don’t involve talk of Microsoft acquiring Yahoo’s search business, which it tried to do last... More »

Microsoft Likely to Provide Verizon Search

Software giant outbids Google as competition goes mobile

(Newser) - Insiders say Verizon Wireless is likely to pick Microsoft as the default search provider for its mobile phones, the Wall Street Journal reports today. Verizon had also been in talks with Google to provide the service, but Microsoft’s guarantee of about $600 million in annual ad revenue—about twice... More »

Google Scraps Partnership With Yahoo

Search giant proves unwilling to fight antitrust regulators over deal

(Newser) - Google canceled its search-advertising partnership with Yahoo rather than fight a Department of Justice lawsuit over antitrust concerns, CNET reports. The company gave up on the deal after Justice said it was not satisfied with the companies’ revisions to the deal and would sue to block it. More »

US Hires Top Lawyer to Mull Google-Yahoo Antitrust Case

Step in possible antitrust case against Internet giants

(Newser) - The Justice Department has hired a top lawyer to review a possible antitrust case against the Google-Yahoo advertising deal, which would give the companies control of 80% of web search ads, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sanford Litvack, a former Disney vice-chairman, was Jimmy Carter’s antitrust chief. While officials... More »

Yahoo and Google: It's All Up to Yang

CEO must pave way for struggling company as investors look on

(Newser) - As Yahoo and Google prepare for a new search-ad deal, it’s all up to CEO Jerry Yang, writes Charles Cooper for CNET. Will Yang be the next Steve Jobs, pulling a struggling company back to the spotlight—or will he fade like his Yahoo predecessors? The afreement "may... More »

Microsoft, Yahoo End Talks, Rule Out Merger

Weekend meeting torpedoes hopes of a merger

(Newser) - Looks like a Microsoft-Yahoo marriage is off—for good this time, the Wall Street Journal reports. In a meeting last weekend, Microsoft representatives stated “unequivocally” that the software giant was not interested in purchasing all of Yahoo for any price. Yahoo then ruled out an alternative of selling Microsoft... More »

Yahoo, Microsoft Back Where They Started: Behind Google

Both companies scramble for options

(Newser) - The Microsoft/Yahoo deal looks dead, and at least one company is celebrating: Google. Both companies are exploring other deals, but none will be as potent as MicroHoo might have been, BusinessWeek reports. That’s good news for a certain search giant. “Its two main competitors are separate and floundering,... More »

Ballmer to Yahoo: That's Our Final Offer

CEO not impressed by Yahoo's Q1 profits

(Newser) - Microsoft won't raise its $44.6 billion takeover bid for Yahoo despite the Internet firm's strong first-quarter earnings, Bloomberg reports. "We are prepared to go forward without a merger," said CEO Steve Ballmer, who has threatened a proxy shareholder revolt to push the deal through, possibly at a... More »

How Yahoo Would Improve Microsoft

(Newser) - Yahoo today restated its opinion that Microsoft’s $44.6 billion buyout bid underestimates the online giant’s “combination of unique assets,” but for the first time stated publicly the strengths it would bring to the Microsoft merger, MarketWatch reports. In an investor presentation for the SEC, the... More »

Google Search Finds $1B Profit

Massive boost in weakest quarter

(Newser) - Google's search for profit growth produced a 57% jump in revenue and a 46% increase in profits to $1B in the third quarter. The Wall Street Journal reports the boost in net income came from its core search-advertising business, as well as its brokering of ads that appear on partner... More »

11 Stories