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Google CEO: 'Nothing Seriously Wrong With Me'

Larry Page sends email about health after skipping shareholders meeting

(Newser) - Wall Street was abuzz today with rumors about Google CEO Larry Page's health after he skipped yesterday's shareholder meeting and the company said he'd miss two upcoming events as well. So much so that Page wrote an email to employees to say that "there is nothing... More »

Swallow This: Executive Pay Jumped 23% in 2010

The median pay was $10.8M

(Newser) - We know CEOs have it good ... but this good? The New York Times had executive pay data firm Equilar analyze bigwigs' 2010 compensation, and what Equilar found wasn't just a gain. It was a big, big gain: a 23% boost over 2009, with the median pay for chief executives... More »

Executive Grandeur Fuels the Growing Income Gap

Execs represent a bigger share of top incomes than thought

(Newser) - Explaining the growing income gap in terms of percentages is easy. But things get murkier when it comes to defining who makes up that top .1% of earners who pull in a whopping 10% of the country's personal income. Or they did. Writing for the Washington Post , Peter Whoriskey... More »

Cost-Cutting Companies Target No. 2 Execs

Corporations eliminate second-in-command roles to save on costs

(Newser) - Cost-cutting at American's largest corporations is hitting the executive suite, with CEOs rolling up their sleeves to take on more day-to-day responsibilities and laying off their No. 2s. In the 18 months leading up to June 2009, 40 major companies eliminated COOs or presidents, the Wall Street Journal notes, while... More »

Google Search Finds $1B Profit

Massive boost in weakest quarter

(Newser) - Google's search for profit growth produced a 57% jump in revenue and a 46% increase in profits to $1B in the third quarter. The Wall Street Journal reports the boost in net income came from its core search-advertising business, as well as its brokering of ads that appear on partner... More »

5 Stories