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10 Windiest Cities in US

Nashville, not Chicago, tops the list

(Newser) - Not a fan of blustery days? Steer clear of these places. Research firm CoreLogic has released a list of the windiest cities in the US based on wind-related events and maximum wind speed recorded in 279 metro areas in 2016 (including during Hurricane Matthew). The list: More »

Dad Angry Police Shot Son Who Was Allegedly Wielding Knife

He says 14-year-old is expected to 'pull through'

(Newser) - A 14-year-old boy was shot by a school police officer as he allegedly lunged at classmates with a large knife at Reno's Hug High School Wednesday morning. In a series of Facebook posts written Wednesday and Thursday but later removed from social media, the boy's father ranted against... More »

The 10 US Cities That Are Warming the Fastest

Most are in California, Nevada, and Arizona

(Newser) - The southwest corner of the US has long been known as a sweltering spot, but it's only getting hotter, according to Climate Central , which ranked 178 US cities based on temperature changes since 1965. All but three have seen temperatures rise in the past 50 years, but some are... More »

Sierras Are Way Overdue for Major, Costly Earthquake

And one expert says we need to start preparing

(Newser) - The West is long overdue for a major earthquake that could cause billions of dollars in damage to parts of Nevada and California, the AP reports. Scientists expect a magnitude-7 quake along the eastern front of the Sierra fault system every 30 years or so; there hasn't been one... More »

Museum's 'Smoke Tornado' Goes Horribly Wrong

13 injured at Nevada Discovery Museum

(Newser) - Eight children were among 13 people hurt when an attempt to create a whirling "smoke tornado" went badly wrong at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno, Nev., yesterday. Initial reports said there had been an explosion, but a police spokesman tells the Reno Gazette-Journal that the... More »

FBI Hunts Killer Behind Unsolved 1976 Murders

Murders of 5 SF Bay Area women linked to Reno killing, say authorities

(Newser) - The FBI is turning up the heat on a series of cold-case murders now almost 40 years old. Thanks to new DNA evidence, detectives say they suspect one killer is responsible for the murders of five young women around the San Francisco Bay Area in early 1976, and was an... More »

Lawmakers Push Ban on Ban on Las Vegas Travel

Dean Heller, Shelley Berkley fight for the government's right to party

(Newser) - No one is actually talking about outlawing government travel to Las Vegas or Reno in the wake of the GSA scandal, but a pair of Nevada lawmakers want to ban such a banning, just in case. Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Shelley Berkley are putting forward bills in their respective... More »

Fireplace Ashes Caused Huge Nevada Brush Fire

'Remorseful' elderly man comes forward to police

(Newser) - The massive brush fire near Reno this week that destroyed 29 homes, burned 3,200 acres, forced the evacuation of thousands, and may have caused a death had the most innocent of causes: Police say an elderly man admits accidentally setting it off by improperly disposing of ashes from his... More »

Thousands Flee Reno Wildfire

10K evacuated from homes as hundreds battle blaze

(Newser) - A fast-moving brush fire south of Reno has burned several homes and forced around 10,000 people to be evacuated from their neighborhoods. More than 200 firefighters are tackling the blaze, which grew to more than 5 square miles after starting yesterday afternoon and has not yet been contained, CNN... More »

Dog-Saving Airport Worker Offered Job Back

Abused dog case sparked outcry

(Newser) - After an outcry from animal lovers nationwide, the Reno airport worker fired for refusing to put an abused dog on a plane has been offered her job back—with back pay. The president of Airport Terminal Services praised the courage of Lynn Jones for standing up for the dog, promised... More »

Worker Fired for Refusing to Load Abused Dog on Plane

Baggage handler reported dog's condition to airport cops

(Newser) - A baggage handler at Reno airport says she was fired on the spot after she refused to put an obviously abused dog on a plane. Lynn Jones says the dog, which belonged to a hunter from Texas, was emaciated and covered in sores, but her boss said its paperwork was... More »

Woman, 83, Son Die in Fortified Foreclosed Home

Pair made last stand on eviction day

(Newser) - A mother and son chose to destroy themselves and their foreclosed home rather than surrender to deputies trying to evict them, police in Nevada say. Deputies and a locksmith arriving to evict Therese Christensen, 83, and her 46-year-old son, Gary, from the Reno home they had lived in for decades... More »

'Fun' Cities Forbidden for Federal Travel

(Newser) - Government agencies have been warned not to hold meetings in cities employees might actually enjoy visiting, the Wall Street Journal reports. Places like Reno, Orlando, and Las Vegas are all considered untouchable. “We do have guidance that says avoid locations … that give the appearance of being lavish,”... More »

Brothels to Nevada: Tax Us, Please

Brothel owners see taxes as insurance to keep them legal

(Newser) - Nevada's brothel owners are offering to fork over tax money to the state to help cover its debts—but legislators are reluctant to increase the state's involvement in the $50-million-a-year sex business, reports the New York Times. Nevada's 25 legal brothels pay hefty taxes to their home counties, but are... More »

AT&T to Cap Bandwidth of Some Users

Firm tests usage limits in Reno

(Newser) - AT&T is capping users’ Internet bandwidth in Reno as an experiment, suggesting that the practice of limiting usage may soon become widespread, Wired reports. Depending on the service plan, new broadband customers will be held to 20 to 150 gigabytes of usage monthly. Current customers will soon face limits... More »

Obama Rips McCain on 'Disaster' Economics

Derides GOP economic policy, slams Mac's 'maverick' claims

(Newser) - Barack Obama yesterday blasted John McCain’s attacks on his economic policies by slamming the GOP record as a "disaster," reports the Reno Gazette-Journal. McCain “claimed my economic plan would lead to economic disaster,” Obama said. “I’ve got news for John McCain. My plan... More »

5.2 Quake Again Rattles West

Spate of temblors raising jitters

(Newser) - The latest in a series of shakers to rattle the West was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake that struck a rural area 190 miles northwest of Sacramento last night. No injuries or damage were immediately reported. Quakes have recently rattled Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and Reno, where a swarm of... More »

Scientists Warn Reno to Brace for Major Quake

Two months of shakers could signal trouble

(Newser) - Scientists are warning Reno residents to prepare for a major quake following a series of smaller rumbles that have shaken the area for two months, AP reports. The strongest was Friday night’s magnitude 4.7 tremor, which cracked walls and rattled products off store shelves. Now, “a magnitude... More »

Nev. Caucuses Fascinating Next to SC

Advanced date, knotty demographic make state key for Dems

(Newser) - Just hours before voting begins in Nevada, its newly bumped-up caucuses are more crucial for Democrats than South Carolina's primary, blogs Sasha Abramsky of Mother Jones. Yes, Nevada has powerful unions, but it's more complex than that: outlying areas are conservative and rural, and the state is a third non-white.... More »

Nev. Flood Victims Start Cleanup

Helicopter and boat rescues near Reno

(Newser) - Water is receding and residents are returning to their homes today in parts of Nevada and California beset by flooding over the weekend, the Reno Gazette Journal reports. Dozens of people had to be rescued by helicopter and boat after rising flood waters inundated their homes in Fernley, 30 miles... More »

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