Jesse Helms

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Presumptuous? Caroline Is Aiming Low

Senate would be lucky to have her 'smart, cultivated' voice: Dowd

(Newser) - When John F Kennedy Jr founded George magazine, many upbraided him for not trading more valuably on his clan’s mystique. But when sister Caroline aims for a Senate seat, Maureen Dowd writes in the New York Times, she’s “blasted by a howl of ‘How dare she?’... More »

Putting Helms' Name on AIDS Bill the Ultimate Insult

Blogger outraged at move by Sen. Dole to link measure with anti-gay Republican

(Newser) - A move by Sen. Elizabeth Dole to honor former Republican colleague Jesse Helms by adding his name to a bill that would combat AIDS has Pandagon blogger Pam Spaulding seeing red. "Dole spits in the face" of gay activists, Spaulding writes, by attaching the stridently anti-homosexual Helms to a... More »

Don't Forget About the Other Jesse Helms

Right-wing senator hired blacks and battled AIDS with Bono

(Newser) - Many remember Jesse Helms as an unflinching bigot who fought civil rights and foreign aid, but the former North Carolina senator also softened some views and befriended Bono, John Hunt writes in the Wall Street Journal. “Contrary to his reputation, Helms did change his mind,” Hunt notes: He... More »

Ex-Senator Jesse Helms Dead at 86

Conservative icon had been in poor health since retirement

(Newser) - Jesse Helms, a polarizing figure who represented North Carolina in the US Senate for 30 years before retiring in 2003, died today in Raleigh, the News & Observer reports. He was 86. A pro-segregation TV commentator before entering national politics, the first Republican senator from North Carolina since Reconstruction opposed... More »

Dubious Bush Benefactor Embedded in Clinton Camp

Alan Quasha makes a strange Dem bedfellow

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has another backer as mysterious as the now-discredited Norman Hsu—this one a businessman who goes way back with George W. Bush. The Nation examines Clinton's ties to Alan Quasha, the Harken Energy magnate who bailed out the younger Bush’s oil company in 1986. Quasha now has... More »

5 Stories