Minot Air Force Base

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US Nuke Bomb Crew Caught Napping

Sleeping missile crew held secret codes

(Newser) - A three-man US missile crew fell asleep while in possession of  top secret launch codes for nuclear missiles, reports Reuters. It happened earlier this month at a Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota—the same site of a breach last year in which nuclear weapons were erroneously loaded on... More »

USAF Officers Take Rap for Missing Nukes

Top commanders relieved of duty after warheads take unauthorized flight

(Newser) - Nearly 2 months after a B-52 loaded with nuclear warheads took an unauthorized flight from North Dakota to Louisiana, the Air Force has relieved four officers of duty, CNN reports. After a 6-week investigation, 70 airmen will be disciplined for what the Air Force secretary called an "unacceptable mistake... More »

2 Stories