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Suit: Google, YouTube Had Quotas for 'Diversity Candidates'

Arne Wilberg says recruiters were discouraged from working to hire white, Asian men

(Newser) - A former YouTube employee is suing parent company Google, for which he worked for a total of nine years, alleging that he was fired for refusing to adhere to hiring practices that discriminated against white and Asian males. Per the Wall Street Journal , Arne Wilberg served as a Google recruiter... More »

Leader of Police Group Offers Unprecedented Apology

He wants to break 'historic cycle of mistrust'

(Newser) - It is time to break the "historic cycle of mistrust" between police and minority groups in America, the leader of America's biggest association of police chiefs said at the group's annual meeting in San Diego Monday, offering an unprecedented apology. There is much to be proud of... More »

Oscars Kid Unfazed by Asian Joke, Mom Not So Much

'This was not OK and should never have happened'

(Newser) - Little Estie Kung has never seen Chris Rock's work (not even Madagascar) and doesn't quite understand the ins and outs of child labor. So when the 8-year-old child actor and chef (she's competed on FYI's Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown) became the center of a controversy... More »

75% of White People Have Zero Minority Friends

Average white person with 100 friends has 1 black friend, survey notes

(Newser) - Three-quarters of white Americans lack any minority friends, a survey finds: Their social networks, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, are "entirely white." The average white person with 100 friends, meanwhile, would have a single black friend, a single Latino friend, one Asian friend, and one mixed-race... More »

White Students Now a Minority in Public Schools

Demographic shift raises big issues for school systems

(Newser) - American public schools will pass a watershed this fall: For the first time, there will be more minority students than non-Hispanic whites, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The shift comes even as schools become more racially segregated, and leaves school systems facing issues such as integration and... More »

Google Admits It: We Suck at Diversity

Numbers prove 'Silicon Valley remains a white man's world,' says NYT

(Newser) - Google may have just topped the list of companies with the best compensation and benefits , but it's admitting it isn't a frontrunner when it comes to diversity. The company has finally shown its hand when it comes to race and gender numbers, owning up to the fact that... More »

Hey Celebs, Stop Hawking Junk Food to Black Teens

Anna Lappe: Targeted advertising is taking a toll on health

(Newser) - That lots of US teens are obese and suffering from diet-related diseases is old news, but maybe less well-known is that the problem is notably worse among black and Hispanic youths than their white peers, writes Anna Lappe at al-Jazeera America . And you know what's not helping? "Marketing... More »

19 Minorities to Receive Overdue Medal of Honor

Pentagon review found they were overlooked because of backgrounds

(Newser) - President Obama will award the Medal of Honor to 24 veterans next month—19 of whom were previously overlooked because of their Hispanic, Jewish, or African-American backgrounds, reports the Washington Post . Only three of those 19 are still alive. The move comes after the Pentagon conducted an exhaustive 12-year review... More »

Will This Be Germany's First Black Lawmaker?

Karamba Diaby hopes to join parliament after September vote

(Newser) - It's tough to figure out what's more interesting: that Karamba Diaby hopes to become Germany's first black member of parliament, or the very fact that Germany has never had a black member of parliament. Either way, the 51-year-old immigrant from Senegal wants to make history in September'... More »

NYPD Stopped, Frisked 8.6% of City in 2011

In some places, up to 98% of those stopped were minorities

(Newser) - The NYPD detained the equivalent of 8.6% of all New Yorkers as part of its controversial " stop and frisk " program in 2011, and almost all of them were minorities, according to a statistical breakdown the department released last night. All told, police stopped a record 685,724... More »

GOP to Talk Minority Outreach —at Former Plantation

What a splendid idea, writes Gawker's Cord Jefferson

(Newser) - House Republicans are in colonial Williamsburg today for their annual retreat, and the Hill reports that restoring party unity is high on the agenda. But they've also got a session planned on "successful communication with minorities and women," which prompts this from Cord Jefferson at Gawker :
  • "
... More »

Whites No Longer Majority by 2043

By 2060, 57% of US will be non-white

(Newser) - By 2043, white people will cease to be the majority in the US, Census data suggests; at that point, there will be no single ethnic majority. That's actually a year later than had been predicted, the New York Times notes. With a still-higher birthrate among minorities than among whites,... More »

Romney: Obama Won by Giving Minorities 'Gifts'

'Gifts' like ObamaCare and college-loan-interest forgiveness

(Newser) - Election 2012 might be over, but Mitt Romney isn't done generating headlines. The Los Angeles Times listened in on a call he had with donors yesterday (a fact Romney didn't seem aware of, it notes), and a comment the former candidate made is getting much attention:
  • The Obama
... More »

Supreme Court to Review Landmark Voting Law

Court will hear challenge to 1965's Voting Rights Act

(Newser) - One of the signature laws from the civil rights era may be significantly weaker at the end of this Supreme Court term. The justices decided yesterday to hear a challenge to a key component of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the law designed to ensure that minorities don't face... More »

Women Favor Obama By 18 Points

Quinnipiac gives president a small lead overall

(Newser) - President Obama still holds a small lead over Mitt Romney, and it's thanks entirely to his popularity with women and minorities, according to a new Quinnipiac poll . The poll has Obama ahead 49% to 45% overall, but his support among women is especially strong at 56% to 38%, and... More »

Texas Voting Maps Discriminate: US Court

Victory for minority activists, but state plans to appeal

(Newser) - A federal court says Texas' new voting maps, redrawn by a Republican legislature, violate the Voting Rights Act. They contain signs of discrimination against minorities, judges said in a 154-page opinion. "The three-judge panel unanimously found intentional discrimination across the state. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about... More »

Minority Babies the New Majority

Census reveals demographic watershed moment

(Newser) - For the first time in US history, a majority of babies are members of minority ethnic groups, according to new census figures. Of the roughly 4 million born between July 2010 and July 2011, 50.4% belonged to minority groups. The data show that the huge demographic shift under way... More »

Warren's Cherokee Mess Highlights 'Unfair' Racial Quotas

Michael Barone: Time to end the system

(Newser) - Some have called the controversy over Elizabeth Warren's claim to Native American ancestry a "non-issue," but it underlines a serious problem, writes Michael Barone at RealClearPolitics . The flap "illustrates the rottenness of our system of racial quotas and preferences": If Warren did use her very distant... More »

Black Students Face More Arrests Than Whites: US

Arne Duncan: Minorities suffer 'harsher discipline'

(Newser) - African-American students are arrested much more frequently than whites in America's large public schools, according to the government's largest-ever study of the subject. Among school systems with more than 50,000 students, 35% of arrests involved African-Americans, though they represent just 24% of the student body. White students... More »

New Show Spotlights Missing Minorities

Victims often overlooked in national media

(Newser) - A new show on the cable network TV One debuts tonight with the goal of correcting an oft-stated criticism of the national media: Missing people tend to get more coverage if they're white. Find Our Missing, hosted by Law & Order veteran S. Epatha Merkerson, will feature two cases... More »

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