Chevy Equinox

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Labor Honcho Proudly Buys Chevy ... Made in Canada

The best-laid plans...

(Newser) - Hilda Solis had good intentions, but... Obama's labor secretary pulled up to a media breakfast yesterday in a brand new set of wheels, having disposed of the standard-issue black limo officials use to get around DC in favor of a silver Chevy Equinox. "What better example could I... More »

GM: Stop Calling Them 'Chevys'

Car giant tries to improve 'branding' by killing nickname

(Newser) - You can see the USA in your Chevrolet, but GM would rather if you stopped driving your “Chevy” to the levee or anywhere else. The company has sent out a memo to all its employees urging them to banish the ubiquitous nickname from their vocabularies. “We’d ask... More »

GM Road-Tests Hydrogen Fuel

(Newser) - GM is lending vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells to drivers in LA and New York to see if the alternative technology works in the real world, the LA Times reports. In the largest such road test of its kind, GM will loan more than 100 of its expensive Chevy... More »

3 Stories