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Sirius Creditors Ready to Go After CEO

If company files for bankruptcy, they could ask judge to remove him

(Newser) - Sirius XM Radio's creditors want the company to make a deal with an investor rather than file for bankruptcy, and they're prepared to go after CEO Mel Karmazin's job if things don't go their way, the Wall Street Journal reports. "The board of directors should carefully consider the ramifications"... More »

Under Pressure, Sirius XM Tries to Look Ahead

Merged company works to develop subscribers, refinance debt

(Newser) - Satellite radio’s fortunes—thought to be peaking after Sirius and XM merged in July—are falling as the united company’s stock continues to tumble and management scrambles to refinance debt, reports the Wall Street Journal. Still, CEO Mel Karmazin says, the company is “heading toward making a... More »

Sirius, XM Union May Have Listeners Singing the Blues

Deal would lower options, raise prices, Post writer says

(Newser) - For anyone doubting that a merger between Sirius and XM would harm the satellite radio industry by forcing listeners to go through a single provider, the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher has two words: cable TV. Fisher argues that for all of the advantages any union may produce, ultimately it... More »

Satellite Sisters

XM and Sirius may have unlikely rescuers from the Chicago School of Economics

(Newser) - Jim Surowiecki describes how the “Chicago School” of economists revolutionized anti-trust thinking in the 1970s. By arguing that it is not the number of competitors but rather their strength that mattered, these economists posited that some mergers stimulate competition. More »

4 Stories