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Schwarzenegger Sex Pic Found

Oh, the goodies that were found in 'Penthouse' founder's storage locker

(Newser) - Oh, the treasures you find when hunting through the Penthouse founder's storage unit. Bob Guccione, who died in 2010, apparently had quite a few never-published nude pictures in his collection, including one of Arnold Schwarzenegger "engaged in a sex act," as ABC News puts it. The guy... More »

Stripper Trouble Muddies Missouri Race

Penthouse pet may derail bid by GOP Lt. Gov. Kinder for state's top job

(Newser) - When the people of Missouri choose a governor next year, they may need to ask themselves: Would you believe a man who says he stopped at a "pantless bar" just to use the bathroom? Peter Kinder, the state's Republican lieutenant governor, has been caught up in the latest... More »

Penthouse Founder Dead at 79

Bob Guccione built, lost porn empire

(Newser) - Porn pioneer Bob Guccione has died aged 79 after a long battle with cancer. The Penthouse magazine founder built a soft-core publishing empire worth billions, starting out in 1965 with a loan for $1,170 and an idea for a magazine with nude photos more provocative than Playboy's, the New ... More »

Hefner Sparks Bidding War for Playboy

Founder wants to take media company private

(Newser) - Founder Hugh Hefner wants to take Playboy private, and he mounted a bid today that values the struggling company at $185 million, Bloomberg reports . Playboy Enterprises stock closed up almost 41% and attracted interest from another party—but who would want a conglomerate that's lost $20 million in just 2... More »

Bill Would Defend Troops From Incoming Playmates

Playboy way off base, says proposed ban

(Newser) - A Republican lawmaker wants to keep America's fighting men and women out of harm's way—the harm he says is caused by exposure to incoming copies of Playboy and Penthouse. The Military Honor and Decency Act sponsored by Georgia congressman Paul Broun would tighten existing laws to prevent the magazines... More »

'Kristen' Could Make Millions on Instant Fame

Experts advise cashing in on notoriety fast— and investing well

(Newser) - Fame (or infamy) is beginning to pay off for Eliot Spitzer "escort" Kristen: the aspiring R&B star has now scored $200,000 from downloads of her song—which the New York Post helpfully calculates is worth over four dozen Spitzer hookups. Meanwhile, men's mag Hustler has offered Ashley... More »

Penthouse Buys Swinger Social Network Sites

Mag, video company sees sex-related content moving online

(Newser) - Stung by the blow that free videos have dealt to the sex-related entertainment industry, Penthouse Media Group is investing $500M in social networking sites. Penthouse has acquired Various Inc., whose flagship site, adultfriendfinder, is a self-described personals community for swingers and sex, the New York Times reports. More »

YouPorn Is Killing the Porn Biz

(Newser) - As with so many other industries, porn is under assault from the changes wrought by the internet. Claire Hoffman chronicles the challenge a free file-sharing porn site, YouPorn, poses to adult industry goliath, Vivid Entertainment, in Portfolio magazine. The ready availability of pornography on the internet has sent DVD sales,... More »

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