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Indian-Americans Face String of Home Invasions

NJ victims describe having hands and legs duct-taped

(Newser) - Since Oct. 20, a single New Jersey county has seen at least five home invasions targeting Indian-Americans, the New York Times reports. Most occurred in late October, when many families celebrate Diwali—a holiday that frequently involves gold jewelry. The latest Middlesex County incident, however, occurred on Saturday. "They... More »

'Rebranded' India PM Wows NYC Crowds

Modi urges Indian-Americans to help motherland

(Newser) - There was a lot of love on display for Narendra Modi and the country he leads at a sellout appearance at Madison Square Garden yesterday. In what the BBC calls a "rebranding exercise, national and personal," the Indian prime minister told the mainly Indian-American crowd of 19,000... More »

Nikki Haley Downplays Her Race

Indian-American candidate wants to blend in

(Newser) - Nikki Haley will likely be the first non-white, non-male governor South Carolina has ever had, but she doesn’t seem too keen to dwell on that fact. “I love that people think it’s a good story,” she tells the New York Times , “but I don’t... More »

'Guide to Dating Indians' Is Just Plain Wrong

Andrea Miller 'embarrasses' children of biracial marriages

(Newser) - Maureen O'Connor is the child of a biracial marriage, and she would like Andrea Miller to “STFU.” Why? Because Miller, creator of YourTango , thought it would be a good idea to write a Guide to Dating Indians for the Huffington Post . The handy guide includes information from why... More »

Forget Soccer Moms— Meet Ping-Pong Parents

Immigrants' kids dominate table tennis scene

(Newser) - Good old-fashioned American sports parenting meets immigrant drive at the India Community Center in the Silicon Valley town of Milpitas, Calif., which is churning out the country’s best young ping-pong players. Top coaches from India and China are schooling the children of high-tech workers who know the drill for... More »

Gay? Fine. How About Some Grandkids?

Coming out doesn't blunt immigrant parents' marriage push

(Newser) - Once, most gay Indian-Americans could come out with one simple sentence: “Mom, Dad, I don’t think I am going to get married,” Sandip Roy writes for New America Media. But now that California has legalized gay marriage, Roy isn’t sure how to appease his folks. Like... More »

Jindal Wins La. Governor Race

First Indian-American at head of US state

(Newser) - Bobby Jindal won the Louisiana gubernatorial race late yesterday, making the 36-year-old Republican congressman the first Indian-American to head a US state—and the nation's youngest governor. In a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one, Jindal won 54% of the vote, eliminating the need for a runoff... More »

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