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Crisis Makes Former Skeptics Rethink Euro

From Poland to Iceland, once-resistant nations want to join up

(Newser) - When the euro was first proposed, skeptics cautioned of the dangers of an integrated system during a time of crisis. Now that the crisis is here, the euro has performed relatively well while smaller currencies have plunged in an investor "flight to quality." As the New York ... More »

Poles Oust Brothers, Vote in Center-Right

Voters seek new EU relations, troop withdrawal from Iraq

(Newser) - Poles ousted the conservative Kaczynski twins today and voted in a center-right party that vows better relations with the EU. The highest turnout in nearly 20 years backed Civic Platform by 44% over Law and Justice's 30%, setting up opposition leader Donald Tusk to guide parliament against President Lech Kaczynski.... More »

2 Stories