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New Candle Makes Your Home Smell Like an Apple Store

Twelve South candle emits odor of a freshly opened new Mac

(Newser) - If you're over Yankee Candle's seasonal scents of autumn wreaths, spiced pumpkins, and cinnamon apples, reports on a more techie type of fragrance. In what the Verge calls an example of "Stop it tech, you're drunk," Apple accessory maker Twelve South is offering... More »

DHS: Windows Users Better Delete QuickTime

The Apple program appears vulnerable to attacks

(Newser) - Windows users, watch out: The Department of Homeland Security is advising you to delete QuickTime from your system, Network World reports. The problem is that Apple is no longer supporting Windows versions of the program, and antivirus vendor TrendMicro has found vulnerabilities that allow "attackers to execute arbitrary code... More »

Unintended iPhone 6 Feature: It Bends

But it's not clear how widespread problem is

(Newser) - Like to keep your iPhone in your pocket? Well, you may not want to do so if you just bought a shiny new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, because the phones can easily get bent. Users are posting pictures and videos of how easily the phones bend in what is... More »

Apple Unveils New Operating Systems

HealthKit, HomeKit, and Family Sharing among the changes

(Newser) - Apple fans, dig in: Company CEO Tim Cook today unveiled the new iOS 8 and OS X operating systems at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The software won't be out until fall, but behold a few highlights, beginning with iOS 8:
  • A HealthKit app is
... More »

Tim Cook: We're Going to Make Macs in America

He doesn't say which Mac line, or where the manufacturing will happen

(Newser) - Looks like Apple is sick of being the face of outsourcing. America's most valuable company is bringing production of one of its Mac lines to the US, CEO Tim Cook says in a pair of interviews out today. "We've been working for years on doing more and... More »

Trojan Virus Has Infected 600K Macs, Firm Claims

Virus may allow hackers to create 'botnet' from infected machines

(Newser) - Are you a smug Mac user who assumes you can't possibly get a virus? Well, think again. A Russian anti-virus firm believes that about 600,000 Macs around the world have been infected with the Flashback Trojan virus—and about half of those are expected to be in the... More »

The iBike, and 9 More Exciting Apple Patents

The iKey? Why not?

(Newser) - Steve Jobs may be stepping back , but that’s no reason to stop being jazzed about all things Apple: The company snagged a whopping 563 patents last year, some of which are sure to eventually see the light of day. Mashable reports on 10 you should be particularly excited about:... More »

Apple Fans Spawn Own Dating Site

Tired of dating boring Dell users? Cupidtino is for you

(Newser) - For those who can't imagine locking lips with anyone who taps key on an H-P, soon you can ensure that you only date other Apple fanboys or fangirls, thanks to Cupidtino . Cupid-what? If you can’t quite figure out the dating site’s name, that’s because you're not a... More »

Apple Profits Surge 47% on iPhones, Macs

iPhone, Mac sales lead to blowout quarter

(Newser) - Apple rocketed to a 47% increase in quarterly profits as consumers kept buying iPhones and Macs through the recession, helped by a price drop and overseas expansion. The company posted a profit of $1.67 billion last night, exceeding even the highest expectations on the Street. The biggest surprise was... More »

Hackers Get 43 Cents for Every Hijacked Mac

(Newser) - Mac users, beware: the Russians are after you. A notorious network of spammers in the country pays hackers 43 cents for every Mac they infect with fake software, an investigator says. At a security conference in Switzerland, the researcher laid out a specific scheme to get Mac users to install... More »

Apple Earnings Up 15% on iPhone, Mac Success

Firm sold 5.2 million iPhones last quarter

(Newser) - Apple reported a strong quarterly profit, beating analysts’ expectations by selling 5.2 million iPhones and 2.6 million Mac computers, MarketWatch reports. The firm reported earning $1.23 billion on revenue of $8.34 billion in the quarter ending June 26. Sales of iPhones were the highlight, as the... More »

Apple Revamps Desktops

Energy efficiency key to overhaul

(Newser) - Apple today announced updates to its desktop line: All computers got a boost in energy efficiency and meet upcoming EnergyStar 5.0 regulations, CNET reports. Prices dropped on some models as well: The new Mac Pros start at $2,499 and feature Intel Xeon processors; the iMac now starts at... More »

Apple Harvests Record Profit

Holiday iPod sales surge defies Wall Street

(Newser) - A late surge in holiday iPod sales boosted Apple quarterly revenue and profits to a record high, reports the Los Angeles Times. Wall Street analysts had predicted a slump of up to 18% in Apple sales, but despite the recession, the company is reporting $1.61 billion in profits on... More »

Recession Bites Into Apple

November sales down, stock falls

(Newser) - Even apparently recession-proof Apple is now beginning to show signs of strain, and some analysts are predicting a major slowdown for the computer giant next year, the Wall Street Journal reports. US sales of Macs last month declined 1% over a year ago, while PC sales rose 2%. One analyst... More »

Apple Notebooks Set for Upgrades, Price Drop

Speculation centers on MacBook enhancements, a cheaper model

(Newser) - Tomorrow, Apple will unveil its latest notebook incarnation—but what that will involve remains shrouded in secrecy, CNET reports. It’s likely to be some kind of major update to the 2-year-old MacBook line, perhaps a new graphics chipset and aluminum casing for the lower-end models. It could also be... More »

Shares Dip Ahead of Apple Announcement

Seeming iPod focus may make tomorrow's event 'underwhelming'

(Newser) - Apple's shares have been off as much as 5% today ahead of a much-publicized event tomorrow at which the company is expected to drop a new iPod Nano and give an update on iPhone sales, Reuters reports. One analyst worries the news will underwhelm; another says the dip isn’t... More »

Office Workers Demand Macs

Apple expects 33% growth thanks to business market

(Newser) - The exclusive club of Mac devotees is quietly expanding from students and artists to the corporate world, BusinessWeek reports. And the change is fueled by workers, not sales calls: In fact, nearly nine in 10 recently surveyed companies admitted that Mac-loving workers are influencing computer buys. And it's contributing to... More »

Apple's Bite Bigger Than Ever

Computer sales surge as new operating system nears debut

(Newser) - Sales of Mac computers are booming, boosted by the success of Apple's iPod and iPhone among PC users. Apple will move into third place among computer makers today—behind Hewlett Packard and Dell, reports the New York Times. The surge comes just as Apple is about to release the new... More »

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