Donna Shalala

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Key Clinton Aide Shalala Suffers Stroke

Ex-health secretary fell ill in NYC after Clinton Global Initiative

(Newser) - Closing ceremonies for the Clinton Global Initiative had just wrapped up in Manhattan Tuesday night when Donna Shalala, the head of the Clinton Foundation, fell ill, reports the New York Times . The 74-year-old, a trusted confidante who had previously served eight years as Bill Clinton's health secretary, had suffered... More »

Countrywide Scandal Extends to Senate

Troubled mortgage lender gave breaks to Dodd, other VIPs

(Newser) - Countrywide Financial made sweetheart deals for lawmakers and other high-profile pols who received mortgages from the disgraced lender, a Portfolio exposé reveals. The deals, which appear to violate both company rules and federal law, benefited "Friends of Angelo"—as in CEO Angelo Mozilo—including at least two US... More »

'Antiquated' VA Ill Equipped to Care for Vets

Bush pledges massive overhaul, which requires major funding

(Newser) - Some 700,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are eligible for VA benefits, and overhauling the overburdened system is firmly in the sights of  President Bush and a bipartisan commission. Citing "fundamental system weaknesses," a GAO report last week outlined a huge bureaucracy rife with staffing and training shortfalls,... More »

3 Stories