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'Charlie' of Chocolate Factory Was Supposed to Be Black

Roald Dahl gave in to 'the American sensibility' when he made hero white

(Newser) - The young hero of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was originally black, but author Roald Dahl changed his race to white, NPR reports. "His first Charlie that he wrote about ... was a little black boy," Dahl's widow, Felicity Dahl, tells the BBC's Radio 4 . Dahl's... More »

The BFG Is Spielberg's Biggest Flop Since 1979

At least that's how it's shaping up for the famous director

(Newser) - With a $140 million budget and an opening weekend take of only $24 million, The BFG is poised to be Steven Spielberg's biggest flop in 37 years, Rolling Stone reports. That's left people wondering if the man who essentially invented the summer blockbuster with Jaws has lost his... More »

Inside Roald Dahl's Own Measles Tragedy

In late '80s, author shared the story of daughter Olivia

(Newser) - In recent weeks, hardly a day has passed without a big measles-related headline, but one of the most-talked-about stories to surface actually dates to 1988—and, before that, 1962. In that earlier year, famed children's book author Roald Dahl lost his 7-year-old daughter to measles encephalitis, which the Washington ... More »

Read a Lost Chapter of Dahl's Willy Wonka Book

'Guardian' publishes unused early draft about the famous chocolate factory

(Newser) - An unused chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been released, 50 years after Roald Dahl's much-loved children's novel was first published. (The book may be better known by the title of its movie version, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.) The best part: You can... More »

2 Oompa-Loompas Attacked Man: Police

Yes, seriously

(Newser) - Bizarre but true: UK police are looking for two men who allegedly assaulted a 28-year-old man—while both were dressed as Oompa-Loompas. The Telegraph reports that they had dyed green hair and orange painted faces, and were joined by a woman in a dress and a man in normal clothes.... More »

Remembering Roald Dahl, 'Benevolent Sadist'

Beloved author was both 'nasty' and 'charming'

(Newser) - As the 20th anniversary of Roald Dahl's death approaches, Sam Anderson takes a look at the complicated, yet beloved, children's author. Dahl's fiction is "simultaneously thrilling and absurd and puzzling and oddly disturbing"—much like the author himself, Anderson writes in New York , noting that as one reads... More »

Patricia Neal's Tragic Life Ends at 84

Beloved actress overcame crippling strokes, tragic losses

(Newser) - Patricia Neal, the Academy Award-winning actress who persevered through a life of numerous personal tragedies, died yesterday at the age of 84. Neal arrived on Broadway as a young talent in the 1940s, only to languish in a series of lackluster films and a doomed affair with actor Gary Cooper.... More »

Look Out, Pixar: Mr. Fox Is Fantastic

Is it a film for kids? Who cares! gush critics

(Newser) - Wes Anderson is winning raves for his stop-motion take on Roald Dahl's classic Fantastic Mr. Fox, with voices by a raft of stars including Meryl Streep and George Clooney:
  • It's so good, David Edelstein forgot himself. When the flick ended, he writes in New York , he wished "the whole
... More »

Winning Blago Book Name: Rod and the Giant Impeach

(Newser) - The people of Illinois have voted in a Chicago Tribune contest to name Rod Blagojevich’s upcoming memoir, and the winner is: Rod and the Giant Impeach. “I thought of the impeachment of the governor, and about my childhood,” the winner said of his inspiration, which scored him... More »

Widow Opens Up About 'Ratty' Dahl

On eve of Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Felicity Dahl grants an exclusive interview

(Newser) - Tears reach Felicity Dahl's eyes as she walks to the work hut of her famous ex-husband, Roald. She's not alone, either: Director Tim Burton burst out crying when he saw it. "People have strong reactions to this house," said the widow of the acerbic scribe who... More »

Teams Fail to Build Elevator to Heaven

Contestants still struggling to realize Willy Wonka fantasy

(Newser) - The race was on and the wind was up, which was something of a problem because contestants in the second annual Space Elevator Games in Utah yesterday were vying to send a vehicle 400 feet up a vertical cable attached to a crane. The prize of $500,000 in NASA... More »

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